Guide to False Ceiling Designs For Cool Kids’ Bedroom

bedroom False ceiling are installed for a variety of reasons. They can serve a functional purpose, an aesthetic one or a combination of both. As a functional element, a kids’ bedroom false ceiling can help conceal things like wires, cables and pipes that may otherwise be an eyesore and interfere with the look of the rest of the room.

A false ceiling also comes to the rescue when the structural or original ceiling is prone to damage like water leaks or frequent chipping of the wall paint.

False ceiling

Besides these reasons, false ceiling designs for kids’ bedroom also enhance the overall decor of the room. You can pick from several types of materials for false ceilings like gypsum, plaster of Paris and wood. Each material has different properties that make them suitable for false ceilings. While gypsum is favoured for its lightweight nature, plaster of Paris is preferred for its durability and wood for its aesthetics. Here’s a guide to different types of false ceiling designs for kids’ bedroom.

A Simple False Ceiling For Kids’ Bedroom For A Framed Look

This simple false ceiling for kids’ bedroom lends a neat and structured look to the space. The false ceiling acts as a border and looks like a frame as it runs along the corners of the room. With the lights installed within the false ceiling, the room also gets a glow effect and appears better illuminated.

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Experiment With Different Shapes For Kids’ Bedroom False Ceiling

For any other room, you would probably go for a more moderate and practical false ceiling design but for the kids’ bedroom false ceiling, you can get more experimental. Your kids will love the fun element that playful shapes in the false ceiling bring to their room. The shaped cutouts in the false ceiling also allow the lights to add more character to the room.

Enhanced Ambient Lighting

Besides solving functional problems like concealing the structural ceiling, a false ceiling opens up many opportunities to install different types of ceiling lights. This kids’ bedroom false ceiling features hidden lights as well as recessed lighting. It brightens up the room and enhances the ambient lighting. For an extra fun element, you could also try different coloured lights.

Showcases Their Hobbies

The false ceiling is a secondary ceiling suspended from the original ceiling. This allows one to personalise the false ceiling as one likes. The kids’ bedroom is always a welcome space for customisation as children love personalising their space to their likes and hobbies. In case your child is a budding musician, this kids’ bedroom false ceiling which features piano keys will be a great inspiration.

Sports Fans

This is one of those false ceiling designs for kids’ bedroom that your child will fall in love with instantly. Go the extra mile and turn the false ceiling into a football field to reflect your child’s favourite sport. It perfectly completes the sports-themed look of this children’s bedroom.

These ideas of false ceiling designs for kids’ bedroom help you make the most of a false ceiling in creative ways. Children love it when their rooms reflect their personalities and become very attached to their spaces. A personalised kids’ bedroom false ceiling is an added opportunity to turn the room into a more welcoming space for your child.