Why Choose a Customised Door?

Who doesn’t love beautiful furniture especially if it is bespoke and you’re the only has that specific piece? Traditional houses with elements that are identical in every one’s houses, is no longer popular. Everyone wants something different. People want modern and contemporary houses that boast of original designs and showcase their personality. Demand for customised products in the home is increasing.

One such bespoke home product is the humble front door. For decades it was simply considered a means of going in and out of the house and to keep the contents safe. Generally, doors are made of wood and have no specific artistic design. They are rectangular shapes that enable you to lock them so that you can keep everything and everyone in the home safe. The latest trend for modern homes is customised doors. A customised door is usually wider (not always though) than the traditional front door, it has different wood options, varnish options, and design options.

Regarding the wood and varnish selections you could choose a dark wood, a medium brown wood or a light shade of wood. You could choose a door made with oak, pine or another type of wood. The varnish that is applied could enhance the natural colour of the wood or it could stain it to a darker desired shade. It also gives you the choice of a matt or gloss appearance.

Customised doors can be designed to your specifications. If you want a contemporary style, you could design it with three stained curved glass panels (to create a wave appearance) set in a wide dark wood door. The glass panels can be inserted vertically to create a unique wavy look, plus the glass will allow for additional light in the room. If you are more artistic, you could have a customised door carved with circular or ornate designs, with abstract animal images, or with a selection of specific shapes. Consider the style of your home from both the outside and the inside before you design the door. It should complement the existing design of your home.

A customised door gives guests an insight of your design style as well as a peak into your personality. It is a wonderful way to invite friends and family into your home. It could also be a talking point for your guests. Finally, it gives your home a creative flair and a unique element that no other home has.

Source by Naeema Jada