Wedding FAQs During Coronavirus Outbreak

Wedding We’ve divided all the FAQs based on how far away your wedding is from today. The aim is to help couples make better decisions today. Instead of just “waiting and watching”, we can keep doing the thin gs that we can, and take appropriate actions based on our wedding dates.


We believe that once the administrative authorities allow public gatherings of up to a certain number in your area, we can confidently believe that it is safe to organize a wedding with the earlier planned or smaller no. of guests.

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What should I do?

  • You’re definitely not going to be able to have a big gathering as planned earlier. If you want to have the same big gathering, you’re gonna have to postpone the wedding to a later date after July 2020.
  • Don’t get disheartened, it was not in anyone’s control ?
  • You want to get married no matter what, on the same date? You must communicate very carefully and very clearly on both sides – your guests & your booked vendors
  • You must politely tell your guests that you’re going to have a very private wedding with only 10-20 family members.
  • You can have a reception and/or cocktail party at a later date.
  • Share a live video of your ceremony with the loved ones who are unable to attend in person. Have someone set up a Facebook Live or Instagram Live to capture the event.
  • Even for the smallest gathering, take utmost care of sanitation – Have hand sanitizer on hand and ample antibacterial soap for family members to use to wash their hands.
  • Encourage guests to adopt a “hygenic hello.” Keep social distancing in mind.

What should I tell my guests?

  • We’re sure that being safe is everyone’s top priority.
  • If you’ve decided to postpone the wedding, tell them “We’re going to have to postpone the wedding. I will let you know of the dates soon.”
  • If you’ve decided to have the wedding on the same date with just family members, tell them honestly and clearly “We’re going ahead with the wedding on the same date but with no guests.”

What about my bookings and the advance I’ve paid?

  • If you’ve decided to postpone the wedding, you must talk to your vendors immediately. Since this is a global crisis, a lot of vendors are also flexible and helping couples out. We’re actively taking all the steps to ensure that vendors understand this situation and be flexible for the possibility of postponing the same booking to a future date.
  • Tell them “Please understand the situation. Since it is not safe for anyone, we’re going to have to postpone it. Let’s mutually decide a tentative or fixed future date after July 2020”
  • Don’t cancel the booking. You must also understand that it may be tough for the vendors to refund your advance payment at the last moment. It is in the best interest of both, you and your booked vendors, to mutually agree on a future date. You be a little flexible, they too will be a little flexible.
  • You must understand that vendors aren’t necessarily obligated or required to refund your advance at the last moment. So be gracious with them and try to come to a mutually agreeable consensus.

If you’ve booked your vendors from ShaadiSaga, let your Relationship Manager know about your concerns.

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My Wedding dates are after July 2020

Do I need to worry about anything?

  • Definitely not. There’s very little chance so far, to think that your wedding may be affected due to this.
  • It may happen that since current weddings may get postponed around your dates, various wedding services, and products may become costlier later.

Should I keep booking my Photographer, Makeup Artists, Mehndi Artists, etc?

    • Yes! You must keep looking for vendors you haven’t booked yet. Otherwise, you may be left with very little time to search & book vendors later and that too at higher prices, if you keep waiting and watching.
    • Keep actively in touch with vendors over WhatsApp, phone/video call/email to maintain each other’s confidence and understanding.
    • The best advice is to book vendors by paying a smaller advance amount, instead of not booking at all now and then paying a lot more later.