The Right Light: Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

Sometimes it’s not the size of the room or the objects that make the space interesting, it’s about how it’s illuminated. Lighting will always be an important element of interior design and that holds good for both, natural and artificial ambient, accent, or task lighting .


Yours, Naturally

When it comes to constructing a new house or renovating an old one, prioritizing natural light can do wonders for the ambiance of a home. If adding windows or a skylight is out of the question, alternatives like reflective backsplash tiles, mirrors, pastel-shade curtains or light coloured wall paints will allow the light to bounce around the room. Research reveals that natural lighting has various positive effects on people.

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Light It Up.

Smaller rooms or rooms with darker colours or without natural light can seem very cramped. Even those with much furniture or clutter. By spreading the light evenly, with the use of corner lamps or ceiling lights, you can create the illusion of space. In larger rooms, ambient picture lights and charming table lamps can make any space feel a little cozier.

On a Lighter note

The right kind of lighting in the right place can enhance or soften other colours of the room. Since some dark colours can make a room look smaller, light can be used to illuminate the walls and give the illusion of a much bigger space.  Track lights can be used to soften the walls. If a room is rather dull because of the colours in it, a fun table lamp or a playful pendant light can shift the colour palette.

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Illuminated Interior

Lights should always serve a purpose. The placement and type of lighting can be different in each room based on how it’s needed. In large entryways, chandeliers do a great job of lighting up the large area. Wall light along a corridor, can shed light on the walkway plus make it look lengthier. Desks, display tables and the stovetop in the kitchen require task-specific lighting.

Lighten Up!

Lighting can change the mood and setting of a room. For example, a living room with neutral white-tone lights, warm white light, placed at lower levels in the bedroom has a calming effect. Installing coloured light bulbs that you can control through an app is great for setting the mood and brightness of the room.

Lighting is more than just a component that drives your electricity bill. It’s simple to create good lighting and with Housejoy, it’s simpler. Do it right and it can do more than create a beautiful living space, it can amalgamate different elements in the room, create harmony and make you feel ‘light’ at home!