The Pros And Cons Of Wood Kitchen Countertops?

Kitchen wood countertop finish despite being an old fashioned design idea is still in style. Although marble, granite and various other materials top the list with homeowners looking to revamp their kitchen’s interiors, wooden kitchen countertops are loved for their classic style. After all, the rustic, warm texture and vintage charm of wood kitchen countertops are unmatchable.


However, wood kitchen countertops also have a few limitations that you must take note of if you are planning to get them for your home. Here’s a quick guide for knowing all about wood kitchen countertops:

Understanding The Style Of Wood Kitchen Countertops

If you are planning to get a wood kitchen countertop then you are going to be spoilt for choice. There are simply incredible alternates, varieties that you could choose from and you can always overhaul it with a quick upgrade.  Further, there are umpteen textures, styles which include end grain, flat grain, edge grain that you can rely on. If you like fabricated countertops then you can even go ahead with borders, checkerboard patterns, inlays, stripes that are crafted by making use of umpteen varieties of wood.

The detail and craftsmanship of each type of wood is different and you can pick the one that suits your kitchen and sensibilities. There are various options like oak, teak, walnut, bamboo, maple that you can pick for the countertop and they would really add character to your modular kitchen. As per the weather of your city, any vendor would help you out in picking the right wood for your kitchen countertop or you could even book our consultation for the same.

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How Durable Are Wooden Kitchen Countertops?

Mostly, wood is soft and robust. If it is granite or a marble countertop then it is prone to damage because of fragile knick-knacks. However, wood kitchen countertops can withstand fragile items and are comparatively robust. Conversely, wood countertops could easily get scratched or cracked. Therefore, it needs to be maintained really well. The saving grace is that in case of subtle cracks, damage, wood countertops can be repaired by sanding and get fixed.

How To Protect Wooden Kitchen Countertops?

Unlike popular opinion, wood kitchen countertops can be easily maintained. You simply need to be sure about its finish. Mostly, mineral oil is recommended to coat the surface of the wood as its smell is neutral and the texture is colourless. The only issue is that it requires monthly maintenance. For an effective wooden kitchen countertop finish, you need to apply a coat of mineral oil every six months. Also, in order to be double safe, you can use the wooden countertop as meticulously as you use a table.

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What Damages Wood Kitchen Countertops?

Moisture that accumulates around the sink can easily damage wood countertops. Ensure to coat the area with the help of a water-resistant finish. This would protect it from getting blackened and save it from splits, warps and more.

Why You Must Consider A Wooden Kitchen Countertop?

Wood as we all know is an organic material. A kitchen countertop made from wood works really well as a sustainable, green-building design. Moreover, many varieties of wood are fully renewable, recyclable and hence can be easily used for countertops too. Despite the carbon footprint of a wooden kitchen countertop, it expends lesser energy against a solid, laminated countertop.