Best Wall Colour Combination For Living Room 2022

If you’re like me, and you’ve been struggling to find the right wall colour for your living room, then this blog post is perfect for you! I’ve found some great combinations that will help make your house feel more welcoming. Check out my suggestions below.
The best wall colours to use in a living room are either light or dark brown or beige. These colours create a warm and cozy atmosphere while also adding sophistication and class to the space.

If these two colours don’t work for you, try using different shades of green or purple on your walls instead! You’ll love how it looks – trust me! Combination Colours play an essential role in your life. And whether you are aware or not they have more meaning to them than you think. Interior designers believe that colours can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions.

Wall Colour for your Living Room

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This blog is all about wall colour combination for living rooms. Read more, right here right now!

A Valentine Wall Colour Combination For Your Living Room

If you love the colour of cupid and angel wings, then check out this wall colour combination for a living room in red and white. This living room colour combination is for those who love romance and some sizzling conversations. Red is said to be the colour of love after all.

It’s All About Light Wall Colour Combinations

A neutral wall colour combination for a small living room is a smart choice. So colours like beige, white creams, and light greys can make a room seem more extensive and more spacious. This living room has a colour combination of dark beige and white that brings in elegance all with the decor that goes on its wall.

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An All Aqua Living Room Wall Colour Design

If you dare to be brave and go bold this super funky living room wall colour design will pep up your living room. Here we have an all aqua living room for those who love to make a statement! This aqua green living room colour is sure to exhibit a serene, fresh vibe in your living room with its bright yet close to nature’s brilliance.

Purple Or White? Let’s Go With Both

If you don’t want your living room walls to be just one whole colour, voila! Try out this two colour combination for your living room walls in purple and white. A pretty purple wall lends a luscious look while white sutles it down. A match made in heaven? Nope, a match made at home.

A Perfect Pistachio Living Room Wall Paint Colour

This living room wall paint colour reminds me of the homes back in the 80’and ’90s where this coloured wall painted in pastel green commonly known as pista green was a popular wall colour combination with white. This wall paint colour will take you back to the retro days. Remind us of vanilla and pistachio ice cream, does it not?

A Light Coloured Living Room With An All White Ceiling

Having a living room on the second floor can be a peaceful arrangement. But sometimes there can be confusion when it comes to choosing the right shade for your living room wall colour. Light shades are the best for your living room if you want a simple and elegant look. Take a look at this living room on the second floor, its walls are in an off-white that is light classic and does not compromise on style.

The Colours Of Fall – Amber And Autumn

For those who love the season of fall, you are sure to fall in love with this modern wall paint colour for your living room. A combination of dark and light amber makes you feel warm from within and gives you a sense of autumn season throughout the year. This double toned accent wall is merged with white that looks as beautiful as honey and milk. These colours bring a sense of security with your home and make your living room look fabulous.

A Beautiful Blue Colour Combination For Living Room Walls

Having a blue colour painted in your living room wall is a wise choice. Blue is known as the colour of prosperity and calmness it’s known to have soothing effects of a person’s mood. So keep away the blues with the colour blue.

Best Wall Design Ideas to add Personality to your Bedroom

If you feel like your bedroom décor has become boring and old-fashioned or it lacks personality, and you want a little refresher – look no further than the walls. Whether you want to get one wall painted, add some posters or even put up a mirror, here are some ways you can change the vibe of your bedroom.

your Bedroom

Metallic Look

Metallic wall texture paint gives your bedroom a touch of elegant glamour. You can have one wall coloured the shade of old copper or a plain colour with specs of gold. For the best effect, choose the focal wall for the metallic wall texture and use a darker base paint over the other walls.

Diamond Pattern

Diamond or Harlequin patterns give the bedroom a sophisticated look. A new trend is to apply this in an Ombre Effect for a chic look. An alternative would be the checkerboard pattern to add drama with a hint of sophistication.

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Abstract Art Display

If the wall behind your headboard is used to display artwork, keep the paint colour simple. Adding texture or bright colours might be a little over the top.

Chalkboard Wall

This is a great idea for the children’s room. Having a black wall that doubles up as a chalkboard makes the room fun and functional.


Consider painting one wall with a map of the world. This can be educational and can also help you plan the next family vacation.

Wall Tapestry

A quick way to fill an empty wall would be to hang a wall tapestry. Depending on the print and the shades, this can add the right amount of texture to create an inviting sleeping space.


A great way to make the bedroom look fresh and feel cozy is to add some planters to the walls.

Monochromatic Photographs

To make the room meaningful, get a few special photographs blown up and changed to black and white. Put them in black or white frames and hang them behind the bed.

Fun Frames

Another way to add some colour and memories to the wall would be to hang pictures, travel momentos, maps, etc. in no particular structure, behind the bed.

Feel like your Bedroom Décor

If you feel like your bedroom décor has become boring and old-fashioned or it lacks personality, look no further than the walls. Whether you want to get one wall painted, add some posters or even put up a mirror – here are some ways you can change the vibe of your bedroom.

You can use different colors on each wall for a more dynamic look that will make your room pop. Or if painting isn’t really an option, try adding wallpaper instead! It’s easy to install and comes in so many designs and patterns that there is definitely something for everyone. Another fun idea is to create a gallery wall with all kinds of photos from family vacations, friends’ weddings and other memorable events.

This way every time you walk into the room it will remind you about all those great times! And finally don’t forget about lighting – whether it’s lamps or string lights they will help set just the right mood for whatever activity takes place in this space. So go ahead and give these ideas a try – we know that once they’re done, everything else in life will seem just as bright!

• Adding personality to your bedroom with the help of wall décor

• Put up posters, or paint one wall to add some character

• Mirror can lengthen space and provide a feeling of openness.

• Get creative with this trending bedroom trend

• Improve your bedroom’s décor and design

• Add personality to your room

• Add some colour, prints or patterns to the wall for a more enjoyable environment

• Make your space more inviting by adding posters or beautiful decor