How Does Customization Work in Interior Designing?

Interior How many times have you wished for the perfect design elements to complete your home decor dream only to settle for something that didn’t quite hit the mark? Yes, agreed that may be a necessity at times to keep to a defined timeline. But when it comes to your personal space, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your desires. Plan ahead in time and opt for custom-made furniture.


Different Kinds of Customization

You can get style defined pieces within your home to reflect the theme you want to showcase.  Whether you want customized wall designs for your child or a walk-in closet for your shoe collection, choose trusted interior designers such as Housejoy who promise to deliver top-notch quality work with a team of qualified interior designers and architects.


Want separate compartments for clothes, jewellery, ties, socks? Not a problem! Wardrobes can be customized to suit all your accessory needs.

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TV Units

Television is a synonym to family-time, placed in the living room where guests are seated in most cases. Therefore, having it stand out aesthetically is a must. Some people opt for understated magnificence while others choose stark elegant contrasts.


Adopt from an array of modern designs in kitchens. If you have a cook, you can choose to have two kitchen spaces built – one with durable and the other with delicate utensils. Island kitchen makes it easier to cook and cut, and is a favourite trend.


Bay windows combine architectural flare with the bliss of natural light. Interior designers get creative with sunroofs and ventilation as well.

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Parents, grandparents and children can have their respective rooms personalized. Simply discuss the preferred theme with your architect and have them bring it to life just as imagined.


Lights have the power to change your mood, and so, never take it lightly. Use it to your advantage as it can also help strategically highlight important areas of your home.


This is something that everybody needs yet seldom spend enough time thinking about. Smart Storage spaces can be built underneath the staircase, above wardrobes, in separate compartments within the kitchen (for unused utensils) and more.

Our advice would be to do your research, choose a trusted designer who can implement all these personality-infusing elements into your home, and continuously keep an open line of communication so you’re an integral part of this beautiful journey.

The Craziest Japanese Fashion Trends

Japanese birthplace of sushi, tentacle porn, and some of the strangest fashion trends you’ve laid your eyes on. A steady history of traditionalism juxtaposed with an incredibly new technologically-influenced society has led to some amazing movements in Japanese counter-culture. What are the most bizarre and weird fashion trends that have come out of Japan and Japanese culture?


It’s not just punk rockers and anti establishment-ers who get to have all the fun. Mainstream Japanese trends have historically been just as flashy, strange, and inventive as some of the weirdest fringe fashion trends and styles in America and other countries. Generally characterized by bright colors, lots of makeup, and a sense of innocence, Japanese fashion is quite unique.

What are the weirdest Japanese fashion trends of all time? Take a look at this list be sure to upvote the fashion trends from Japan that you think are the most outrageous of them all.
1. Lolita

Possibly one of the better known Japanese trends, Lolita fashion is all about frills, ruffles, hoop skirts, and basically anything else to make you look like a child or a doll. Lolita also has several sub-styles, such as gothic Lolita or punk Lolita.

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2. Cosplay

Cosplay is a performance art in which participants dress up like their favorite character and imitate their actions, clothing, and accessories. Although cosplay has spread to mainstream American culture, it has its roots in Japan, deriving from the Japanese word, “kosupure.” Cosplay is popular at conventions, fan gatherings, and sometimes as a street style.

3. Mori Kei

Wearers of mori kei fashion often look as though they have just popped out of a mythical forest.

4. Kigurumin

Kigurumin is a popular Japanese street-style fashion that involves wearing cartoon animal costumes. The name comes from the Japanese verb “kiru” (to wear) and the noun “nuigurumi” (stuffed toy).

5. Kogal

The kogal fashion involves wearing a Japanese-school girl style outfit with a short skirt and bulky, rolled socks.

6. Rockabilly

The Tokyo Rockabilly Club often borrows their look from classic 1950s greasers (think Cry-Baby and Grease).

7. Visual Kei

If David Bowie and Marilyn Manson had a lovechild, it would be a gender-bending, pounds of makeup wearing, androgynous punk rocker in the vein of Visual Kei. The flamboyant style has been co-opted by many genres of music, from heavy metal to synth pop.

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8. Otaku

“Otaku” is the Japanese word equivalent to “geek” or “nerd.” An otaku is someone that is obsessed with a particular fandom – for example, an anime otaku, or a manga otaku.

9. Shironuri

Shironuri, literally translated as “painted white,” is a style that revolves around ghostly flowing fabrics and, of course, paled out makeup. Spooky!

10. Reki-jo

A Reki-jo is a girl who is obsessed with traditional Japanese history. These women love to visit historical sites, read historical texts, and immerse themselves in Japanese culture from long ago. It started out as an otaku – an obsession with a particular fandom, but has grown into a movement to celebrate and preserve the history of Japan.