Lavender Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Home

Lavender is making a lot of noise in the world of interior décor Bedroom and rightly so. The soothing shade covers the entire spectrum from mauve to indigo and anything in between making it perfect to use everywhere from old squeaky doors to contemporary pads.  It is a sweet shade that brings freshness to bedrooms without being too girly like pink or too loud like red/purple.


With its soft colour and cool undertones, lavender is a brilliant decoration decision for your bedroom. Whether you want to add a hint of lavender or go all out and paint your walls lavender, Design Café has some amazing inspiration for you.

Lavender Accent For The Grey Bedroom

Lavender gels beautifully with other dark hues and makes for an excellent accent colour as we see in the image here of a grey bedroom. Used on the cushions and bedding, lavender adds a dash of colour without screaming for attention. Matching flower vases and a metallic lampshade soften the space.

Embrace The Warmth Of Lavender

Love purple but prefer a slightly passive hue for your bedroom? Then substitute purple for a warmer shade that lavender is. Use a combination of different shades such as pink, lavender and purple as shown in the space from Design Café. The metallic statue and the contemporary lighting add the needed dose of style to this bedroom.

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Lavender As The Wall Colour

If you are using Lavender as the primary wall colour, as in the above bedroom, make sure you use the colour elsewhere too to unify the room’s look.  In this bedroom, the bedcover and pillows tie this bedroom’s palette together and keep it all synchronised.

Lavender With Neutral Hues

White is a decorating classic you can never go wrong with. However, if you want to break the neutrality and look to add a hint of bright, a statement lavender chair is what you need. Check out the result for yourself – relaxed and contemporary.

Green And Lavender Bedroom

Looking to add a bit of drama to your teen’s bedroom? Lavender and green , as in this bedroom here, is dramatic and bold. Add in unique light fixtures and a furry rug and voila! You get a bedroom that will demand your attention every time you enter it.

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Try Lavender Curtains

If you like the idea of having lavender walls but fear that it will be too much for your taste, try lavender curtains instead. With roof-to-floor lavender curtains, you can choose how much lavender you want in your room. For instance, in this bedroom, the curtains paint (well almost) two-third of a wall in lavender while leaving the area above in white.

Go All Girly

Ready to go over-the-top creating an all girly girl’s space? Then, this bedroom with pink, purple and lavender can be for you. The combination of colour works flawlessly because they are all in the pastel family. There is no dearth of patterns in the room and the added touch is the rich light fixture. The room is loud, it is wild and it’s the girliest girly.

Lavender And Blue

Blue is a cool colour that brings a peaceful vibe to the bedroom. In this modern bedroom, the designer chose a combination of blue and white to lend a soft charm to space. And we are loving the lavender rug that brings the needed versatility to the room. It is colourful, chic, and makes a statement without being too loud.

Decorating a bedroom is a personal choice where you need to be true to your style. So do whatever you want to. Lavender paint, lavender beddings, lavender curtains, matching wallpaper, as long as the room is something you want to come back to every night, who cares how it abides by the rulebook. Especially with a shade like lavender which easily blends with any colour, background as well as lighting arrangements.

How To Make The Best Of Your Modern Study Table Design

We all know the quote education is the key to success but hey not without a great study table. Design Cafe has ideas on modern study table designs, so you won’t get bored and will always be motivated to study.Table

Where did this concept of study table or desk arise from? Let’s go back into history a bit. In the 14th century, the world had something called a desca, which means ‘A table to write on’ in Latin. Who was that great soul who designed this study table? The answer is Anna Breadin designed it in the 1800s.

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A Study Table Attached To A TV Unit

If you are the kind of person that needs entertainment running at the back while you sit down to study or work this modern study table design won’t fail you. This modern study table comes with an attached TV unit. You can still keep the mood light with your favourite show running in the background. This study table has a comfortable armchair to make you feel at ease as you work. Overhead shelves for storage have been provided to make good use of space.

The World Is At Your Feet With This Study Table Design

For all you positivity seekers who aspire to become successful this one’s for you. If you are a hustler and not a settler this modern student study table design with a backsplash of the world map will keep your spirits high. A rolling cabinet with drawers give.

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Books! You Can Now Rest In Peace

Book worms we have a surprise in store for you! It’s a modern study table with a bookshelf design. Let your novels and encyclopedias have a fun bookshelf to rest on while they aren’t in your hands being explored. This study table comes with a chair with wheels so you can move around while seated. Grabbing that book is so easy now!

A Simple Slab Of Sophistication

Those of you who like to keep things simple with a minimalistic style of interior design this study table design is just right. Made with wood equipped with a striped armchair is a simple desk for those who love discipline that goes hand in hand with sophistication.

This is what we at Design Cafe think about how to make the best of your modern study table design. As you see designs that are multifunctional serve many purposes make best use of space and your time!