Big Kitchen Laminate Backsplash Ideas for your Home

Every kitchen deserves to look its best. And that’s why a laminate backsplash is an important part of the kitchen decor. A kitchen is a place where not only cooking happens, but memories are made. A kitchen is where fining, chopping, and mixing takes place; a kitchen is a place where salt and sugar are sprinkled to top up the dish with a fine taste; a kitchen is a place where a thousand meals and memories are made.

Why a Laminate Backsplash


We at Design Cafe have come up with a blog post on laminate backsplashes for your kitchen. Read now to know more.

A Colourful Laminate Backsplash Idea

If you are a person with a fun-loving attitude, these laminate backsplash ideas will surely bring a smile to your face! This super cute kitchen has a multicoloured laminate backsplash. This laminate backsplash is made with earthy hues of the colours dark blue, orange, red, yellow and light blue. This kitchen has bottom cabinets in a pastel green colour, which have a push-to-open mechanism.

The space has overhead shelves with glass shutters and LED strip lighting. This kitchen has an ample amount of storage space above and below for hassle-free storage. This kitchen comes with a tall unit with space for an oven, which is great if you love baking. Large windows to the side of the kitchen provide the cooking space with sufficient light and ventilation. This kitchen has recessed lighting and vitrified white tiled flooring.

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A Popping Yellow Backsplash Panel

Does your personality spell out ‘friendly’? If yes, then this laminate backsplash panel might just suit you right! This modern kitchen has a bright, bold yellow-coloured laminate backsplash. With this laminate backsplash in your kitchen, you can count on a cheerful and friendly ambience that takes your blues away. This modern kitchen has a seamless frosty white countertop with an ample amount of space to keep your jars and other kitchen items on.

This kitchen comes with bottom and top cabinets in a stunning brick red colour. The bottom cabinets have a push-to-open mechanism, and the top comes with transparent glass shutters. This kitchen boasts of shelves with LED strip lighting, which makes it easy to store and access jars.

A Bohemian Backsplash In A Bohemian-Inspired Kitchen

If your home has a bohemian twist to it, we can help your kitchen have a bohemian touch too. Take a look at this super cool bohemian laminate sheet backsplash. Get the hippy vibes going with this backsplash in your kitchen. This cooking space has a blue theme, with blue bottom cabinets and drawers. The bottom cabinets and drawers have a push-to-open mechanism. A blue skirting drawer and a push-to-open carousel are also provided in this kitchen. It has wooden panel work on its ceiling. This kitchen also has a tall unit with room for an oven.

A Retro Laminate Backsplash

Like to go retro? This kitchen comes with a retro theme and a retro laminate backsplash. This kitchen is designed in a beautiful array of pastel colours. The room has tons of room for storage with overhead cabinets in pastel pink. A white laminate backsplash brings this kitchen together with spoon hooks on the side for hanging spoons. This kitchen has shelves with transparent glass shutters so you can store all your goodie jars. The kitchen comes with a clean white marble countertop and wooden flooring in light wood.

A Brilliant Black-And-White Backsplash

Need a trendy twist in your kitchen? If yes, then check out this black-and-white zig-zag patterned backsplash which looks stunning amid the wooden top and bottom cabinets. This kitchen comes with a wooden panel ceiling and wooden flooring. Two beautiful drop-down lights in a dome shape fall elegantly from the ceiling. This kitchen comes with wooden shelves to help you keep your kitchen confectionery within easy reach.

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Cozy Kitchen: Inspiring Design Ideas for Small Kitchens!

Design Have you always dreamed of having an amazing kitchen with lots of space, amenities and aesthetics but now, stuck in a home with a small one? Well, as the saying goes – size doesn’t matter and it definitely does not!Design

Here, we will prove it to you with these inspiring small kitchen designs.

Balance Functionality & Style

It is important to know that while renovating your kitchen to make it stylish and modern, you should also maintain the balance with functionality. Because what’s the use of a non-functional stylish kitchen?

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Shelving Over Cabinets

Cabinets take up too much space, so the best option for small spaces is that you choose open storage. You can use shelves and colour coordinate your utensils to make it look better.

Foldable Tables

If adding a table would stuff you in the kitchen, we suggest you install foldable tables so that you can open it up when you have to eat and fold it back when you have to cook.

Fool the Eyes with Lighting

Installing attractive lighting will shift the focus from the size of your kitchen and also make the space seem brighter and larger.

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Rack the Pots

An easy trick to save space and be organized is to install a rack above and hang all your pots.

Eye-Candy Flooring

When you step inside a room, the first thing you notice is the floor. So invest your time and money to install good quality and visually appealing flooring.

Chairs out, stools in!

For small kitchens, the suited choice for seating arrangement is stools. They can multitask as bag keepers and also fit right in.