Renovation Trends That are Sure to Win Hearts In 2020

Renovation with change being the only constant, we humans tend to ‘change’ things periodically and that applies to all aspects of life, but for now we’ll concentrate on changes in the renovation industry! This year, instead of resolutions , how about renovations? Renovations are a great way to improve your mood, health and quality of life.


A few Renovation Trends that are Expected

Renovation Trends That are Sure to Win Hearts In 2020. The year 2020 is just around the corner and it’s time to think about what changes we want to make in our homes. Many of us have been thinking about making some changes, but haven’t gotten started yet. It can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start or how much money you should spend on renovations. We all want our homes to look their best, but that doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on renovations either!

If your home needs renovation, then this article will help guide you through the process with ease and confidence so that you can get everything done before 2020 comes around! It might seem like a long way away now, but if there is one thing I have learned from my years as an interior designer it’s that things change quickly in this industry! You need to stay ahead of the curve if you want your home renovation project to be successful and not end up being outdated by next year! So let’s take a look at some trends for 2019-2020 that will ensure success for your renovation projects…and they won’t cost too much either!

Here are a few renovation trends that are expected to dominate the first year of the decade!

  1. Ace of Eco-friendly Space

With a lot more focus on the environment, more people are opting for green and sustainable lifestyles. The changes can be minute yet impactful, like replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or installing showerheads that use less water. Bigger renovations like installing skylights or solar panels are great ways to save energy and reduce cost, while doing your bit for the environment.

  1. No Paint. No Gain

Repainting walls, doors or even windows of a single room can make a huge difference to its ambience. In 2020, three-tone kitchens are expected to be popular. The colours of the wall, furniture and cabinets, all in complementary colours can create a pleasing asymmetrical pulse plus define zones or functions.

  1. Lower Your Walls

This popular development will create quite a stir this year! It involves  an amalgamation of neighbouring walls or just no wall! Homeowners are opting for ‘more room’ by opening up living spaces. The living, dining and kitchen are made to resemble one magnificent room. This makes the home look larger and  feels a lot airier.

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  1. It’s Just Personal

Homeowners are now able to choose colours and patterns for almost anything. Fixtures like door handles, faucets, and even window sills can be personalized according to their individual taste. Mixed textures and fabrics, customized color blends, and tailored designs can make any house a unique home.

  1. Escape to Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are truly adorable! They are becoming more functional, with additions such as  storage and seating space, some homeowners are squeezing in a cooktop, a bar, a food-prep area and more! The ‘ends’ of the islands are also being utilized, with options like a mini fridge, an appliance charging station or a pull-out chopping board coming into play.

You don’t have to follow the new year new you drill! It can mean a significant change ‘around’ you; your entire home or your favourite room, anywhere is a great place to start.  Call in the experts at Housejoy and let them bring your renovation vision to life.