Look Good. Be Safe: Let the Salon Come Home

Before you opt for our salon-at-home services, we want you to understand that our priority will always be your safety. Rejuvenating you comes next.


Everything is sterilized. Everything!

Our experts are mandated to sterilize every single piece of equipment they use. From their tools to the bag they carry them in. Even single-use disposable kits are sterilized as an added precaution.

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We are always careful

Before entering your home, experts will check their own temperature and once again ensure that their equipment is properly packed and intact. No risk of torn gloves or masks.

What happens with kits, stays with kits.

Our experts use single-use kits which are disposed of immediately post service. Even the Sanex strip and chair cloths are one-time use only.

No secrets at your salon at home!

You can ask the expert to show all the equipment to you before service. If you wish, the expert will check his temperature and double-check on his equipment.

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Your wish is our command

The service will only start after every check has been made to your satisfaction. If you feel that the precautions aren’t up to your mark then you can refuse the service on the spot. The service is only rendered after your approval.

Your safety is the priority. We’ll say that again and again.

All experts are equipped with masks, disposable gloves, sanitizers, and thermometers. Our experts will wear a mask throughout the service and will constantly sanitize. We request you to kindly sanitize the space in which you want your service and take all the necessary precautions.

We couldn’t be more careful and yet we will go the extra mile when it comes to pampering you! We aim to do render services with utmost precaution so that you can enjoy a well deserved, relaxing beauty treatment that you’ve waited months for. It’s time to get rid of the lockdown look.