LinkedIn Showcase Pages: What You Need to Know

Many organizations have come to realize the benefits of creating a LinkedIn Company Page. This provides the opportunity to share information on everything from what the company does to who works there to job opportunities and much more.

However, there was one thing missing: the ability to highlight different aspects of the business, such as company divisions or brands.

LinkedIn listened, and in November 2013 the professional networking site rolled out a new feature known as Showcase Pages.

Getting Started

Getting started with LinkedIn Showcase Pages is simple. You can easily create one of these pages by taking a few simple steps:

  • Identity the areas of your business that require such a page
  • Navigate to “Edit” from the dropdown menu and then click on “Create a Showcase Page”
  • Once you have created the page you can edit the content and begin to share the information with the world

Note: you can use LinkedIn analytics tools to monitor the performance of this new page.

The Many Benefits

Now that you know more about the basics of LinkedIn Showcase Pages, there is sure to be one question on your mind: will you be able to use this to better your business?

If you have used LinkedIn in the past, you are well aware of what it can do for your company. Showcase Pages are no different. There are many benefits, including the following:

  • Use a dedicated page to drive engagement for a particular aspect of your business
  • The ability for people to follow the part of your business that they are most interested in
  • Better opportunity to create relationships with your target audience

Is a Showcase Page the same as a Company Page? In short, the answer is no. Remember, Showcase Pages are meant to provide detailed information on a particular aspect of your business. For example, you will want to create one of these pages when you are spreading the word about a particular initiative, such as an upcoming event, or simply looking for a way to “showcase” one aspect of your business.

With the ability to create up to 10 Showcase Pages for your Company Page, you have everything you need at your fingertips. At this point, all you have to do is decide how to implement these pages as a means of improving your LinkedIn presence.

If you are in position to take advantage of LinkedIn Showcase Pages, there is no better time than now to push forward.

Source by Peg McDermott