Inimitable Ideas to Create a Reading Nook in a Small Home

A study once claimed that Indians love to read and spend around 10 hours a week reading. Well, considering the love for books that we have, dedicating a particular corner for the activity isn’t a luxury anymore.


Since most modern homes are compact, a reading nook can always find a place for itself when you put in the right effort. There are multiple ways to transform any area in your house into a space where you sit back and enjoy what you read. Here are a few reading nook ideas to help you develop a little corner for you and your family.

By The Window

Sitting by the window on a rainy day with a steaming cup of coffee beside you and a book in hand seems picture-perfect. Well, you can realise this dream by converting the window area into a reading space. If you have a window with a low height, you can consider a book storage space that doubles up as a seating area. This saves space, especially in a small home. Set it up with comfortable upholstery and a few cushions to make it a cosy reading nook. This might just turn out to be your favourite place to be in. Here, you get to keep your favourite books close to you while spending quality time by yourself.

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The Royal Chair

This is an idea that works perfectly for all those who think that a chair can have many uses. Well, this is a chair that stands out. You can stretch your legs on the ottoman and read as much as you want to. In between the reading sessions, a quick nap on the chair does not harm either. The chair will keep you comfortable no matter what, especially when you add nice and soft cushions. Putting this in the corner of your bedroom or living room interior with a lamp by its side makes for a comfortable reading nook. You can also put a shelf or a rack alongside that can hold your favourite books.

One For You And One For Me

How about the idea of reading with a companion who shares similar interests? A corner with two comfortable seats can make do like a quiet place where two people can talk over a cup of coffee or read. You can pick two chairs that look either alike or stand apart. A bookshelf or a side table where you can keep your favourites to pick as and when you want to read can give a picture-perfect appearance. When you have a small and cosy home, this arrangement can be an ideal fit for the living room, where you can limit chairs or couches while uplifting the look.

A Lavish Sofa As A Reading Nook

Instead of setting up a particular corner for reading, why not pick a sofa that allows you to stretch out and be comfortable? A lovely sectional sofa with comfortable upholstery can be the perfect set-up. Make sure to purchase the sofa keeping your reading activities in mind. Putting up a bookshelf close to the couch makes it easy for you to pick your favourite books and read them whenever you want to.

Your Cosy Reading Nook In The Bedroom

This can be a set-up where you not just sit and read but also contemplate life. How about playing the guitar and spending quality time with yourself? An oversized reading nook chair at the corner of your bedroom gives it a personal touch. Even though you have a bed to relax and read, this couch has a different vibe to it. Some opt for chairs with an ottoman, while others simply like huge sofas to put up their feet and be comfortable. Setting a lamp to help you read and complementing it with a bookshelf designed gives a different feel to the area. It speaks for itself while giving your room a polished look.

A Pretty Swing For A Reading Nook

An indoor swing that is small and petite can be a great addition to your home. Setting it up on the balcony or the living room can work wonders. This swing allows you to relax and read. You can match the colour of the swing to the other furniture pieces in the room.

A comfortable reading space is all that you would want. Go on, flip open that novel and immerse yourself in its pages. Want more such ideas? Give us a shout-out and we’ll help you out!