How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Paint Colour?

Unfortunately, ‘C’ is the most common answer to the above question. Update your bathroom to make it tranquil, trendy or anything you want it to be with a simple paint job. Here are some tips on choosing the colour for your bathroom.bathroom

Check samples in bathroom

Some bathrooms have plenty of natural light while some have none. This makes it tricky to pick the right paint colour. To get it right, go through the samples in the bathroom itself.

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Go with the flow and the floor

Ask around to find out what are the popular bathroom paint colours with designers, architects an builders. If a particular colour is being picked over and over, it’s probably because it looks best in artificial light. Also, make sure to choose colours that blend with your floor tiles or compliment them.

Pampering Pastels

If you want every bathroom visit to feel like a pampering spa-like experience, pick a soft colour like light seafoam green. Baby blue is associated with the sea and sky and hence promotes tranquillity. Use white or beige in some places for a contemporary look. For example, let the ceiling be white and the walls be soft green.

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White and Accessorize

If you like to dress up your bathroom with potted plants, straw baskets, fancy light fixtures or decorative tiles, bright white paint may not be as boring as you’d think.


If you want your bathroom to have a more energetic vibe, use one or two bright colours like orange or dark blue. If you want to tone things down, let your sanitary ware and other pieces in the room be white. But, if you don’t want to make that bold a move but still want a more upbeat feel, let the paint colour be white be beige and throw in some fun-coloured floor mats, shower curtains and linen.