How To Mix Modern And Vintage Design And Decor

Who doesn’t love a touch of vintage decor and designs in their home? Not only are vintage pieces a great way to infuse some character in your space but they also bring in old-world charm. There are no rules when it comes to mix and match old designs with modern ones. You have all the freedom to play with contrasting colours, textures, and artefacts from different decades.


Most Indian households have artefacts passed on from generations which hold great sentimental value. These pieces are usually displayed in the bedroom or living room be it a painting or an old clock. While it’s a good idea to bring back memories of a forgotten time with these pieces, just remember to avoid going overboard so your home does not resemble a museum. The trick here is to maintain a perfect balance between the old and new.

A Vintage Living Room With A Modern Twist

There are many ways to tie modern and vintage together  – unifying elements such as colour, furniture or even artwork work wonderfully well. One way to do this is by mixing modern and vintage style furnishings together. Colours like black, brown and beige on furniture, decor and furnishings lend a nice touch if you want to achieve this style. The image here shows how colours have given this living room a nice vintage touch. Wrought iron side table, an old rolling bar cabinet brings in old-world class and charm to this space.

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A Bedroom That Mixes Modern With Vintage Decor

If you are a fan of eclectic and funky styles of interior design then mixing modern and vintage is the right way to go. If you want your bedroom to blend both these styles together beautifully you need to ensure you find the right balance of accents, colours and furniture. In this image here we see how a mix of vintage and modern styles are combined together to achieve the desired result. Pinstriped wallpaper on one wall has been used to match it with an old vintage bed. Notice how the little embellishments on bed pillars are paired with the side table. Also, picture frames on either side of the bed complete the look.

Don’t Be Afraid To Play With Colours

Mixing vintage and modern design are all about contrast and colours. So do not be afraid to go bold with your colour palette and experiment to your heart’s content. Vintage wood is perfect to play around with bright shades. So if you have a piece of antique furniture, be it a  table or a chair, paint it in a  bold colour for a modern twist. The image here has a turquoise blue side table paired with a bright orange coloured chair. Adding more vintage elements like old vinyl and a gramophone bring in lots of old school vibes!

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Add A Statement Antique

If you are planning to make a statement in your home, then opt for an antique piece of furniture or decor that is rich in design and history. This statement piece will be a conversation starter that will stand out from the rest of furnishing of the space it is displayed in. If you don’t own any antique object surf the internet or visit a local thrift shop and get yourself one. Some designs may lack in history but can make up for it with bold designs. The image shows us how a large wall clock in Roman numerals adds character to this living room.

Opt For Classic Furniture And Decor Items

Nothing is classier than antique furniture. These pieces are timeless and sturdy that has been constructed using traditional methods and unparalleled craftsmanship. Again, if you want an eclectic vibe to your space antique furniture paired with modern design elements will do just that. The room in this image here combined the old with new. Sleek looking chandeliers, an old dining table paired with modern chairs have been put together in a beautiful ensemble. The main focal point here is a three-tier vintage suitcase that doubles up as a side table or a coffee table.

There are numerous things you can mix and match to blend vintage and modern decor seamlessly in your home. Carefully place the items and build your collection according to your style. Experiment with colours, art, lights, and you’ll create a beautiful look that evolves over time.