How to Design Your Kid’s Playroom?

Did you have a playroom when you were younger or are you among those who always wished to have one? Whether the answer is yes or no, we bet you will want to have a playroom for your little ones. Here are some creative and inspiring ideas to make the perfect playroom. We bet that you’ll love these ideas because ‘Dil toh baccha hai ji’.


Pick Furniture Wisely

We don’t have to tell you that your little ones will be running around and will have a fall or two. To ensure nothing major occurs, it is wise to pick furniture that’s baby/kid friendly. For instance, a velvet sofa, cushioned stools, round furniture over sharp edges, etc.

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Homework Hideout

Adding their homework station in the playroom can motivate them to finish and get back to playing. The colourful decor can also help them stay focused and have their creative juices flowing.

Add a Zone for Yourself

If you have an entire room dedicated to the play room, you can also have a corner with games that can be used for the adults in the house.

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White & Splashes of Colour

You can set the theme as white and just add a few accessories with bright colours to create this design. Bright and colourful is always the best choice for little ones. You can also get in touch with interior design experts to have a unique theme designed for your little one.

No Space? Use the Bedroom

Don’t worry if you don’t have an extra room in the house for the playroom. You can pick a corner in their bedroom and design a play area instead. Make the most of the space and create a fun zone for them.

The reason why playrooms are so important is because you can keep your little ones engaged in one room rather have them run around the entire house while making a mess.