How to Choose a Back Piece Tattoo? Float a Custom Tattoo Design Contest

A back piece tattoo remains to be one of the most iconic designs a person could ever have. Since the back is a big canvas for any ink masterpiece, the design possibilities can be endless.

While you cannot always see your back piece tattoo, the design itself can make you memorable to enthusiasts and admirers. So if you find it hard to choose the best design from the many styles out there, the best thing you can do is float a custom tattoo design contest.

Size Matters

As it has been established, your back is a great, big canvas that holds a lot of design possibilities. Before you get started with a custom tattoo contest, you need to know first how big of a tattoo you wish to have. Are you just after a small, symbolic design? Or do you want to completely fill your back with colorful ink? Knowing the size that you want for your back piece tattoo can help you narrow the categories and criteria for judging for your contest.

Why Do You Need to Float a Custom Tattoo Design Contest?

Do you want to be unique and exceptional? If you do not want to be just like the other tattoo enthusiasts out there, then the best way you can find a great design is by floating a contest. A great thing about this competition is you will be able to generate ideas from all over the nation – even the world! With the many suggestions coming from different brilliant minds, you will be able to stumble upon an excellent design which you will not be able to find in any design book or internet tattoo database.

How to Float a Custom Tattoo Design Contest?

While it might sound very complicated, floating such a contest is actually very easy. You can organize the contest yourself, or you can seek the help of professional event organizers. Upon approaching an organizer, you must have a comprehensive idea of what you want the contest to be – the eligible contestants, types of entries, their file types, to name a few.

Once everything is into place, you can start ahead with launching your tattoo contest through forums, blogs and social media networks. Wait for the entries to drop in and treat yourself to a custom design unlike any other.

Pick Your Winner!

The best part of hosting a design contest is getting your hands on a great back piece design. Once you have chosen a winner, lose no moment – have it tattooed on your back right away! After all, it might take some time especially if you want your entire back to serve as a big canvas. Get it started so it can be completed right away.

A back piece tattoo is a great way to showcase your uniqueness and personality. So if you want to have a design unlike any other, then what you need to do is launch a tattoo design contest right now!

Source by Kristen Dunn