Home Re-modelling vs Renovation – What’s the Difference?

Home If you use these words to mean the same thing, you fall into the 75% bracket of the population that does the same. So we might have made up those statistics – but only to make you feel better about not knowing the true meanings (and slight differences) of those words. Here’s how remodelling and renovation are different:



To remodel something is to change the form or structure. That means, remodelling usually involves transforming the design and structure of a certain space or room. For example, if you want to remodel your bathroom, you’ll be changing the layout, the function or appearance of it. Even if it’s moving the pipes in the bathroom to make room for storage or a washing machine.

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To renovate is to restore or revive something. The general function of the original structure is still maintained and only the physical structure is restored. If the bathroom was being renovated, it can be a replacement of fixtures, new tiles or a fresh coat of paint.

Who does what?

Renovations can be subtle in nature and sometimes will just need a handyman, plumber, electrician or carpenter. If the changes are too big or if you want to remodel, you’ll need an architect, a contractor, or an engineer to make sure the changes are structurally sound.

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Since renovations are mostly cosmetic, they’re cheaper than remodelling. The costs incurred during a home remodelling project are more because of additional materials and labour. Also, the time needed is much more. Renovation can add a fresh look to a dated property or room but remodelling would mean to update functionality like knocking down a wall to make a home office or a nursery.

Importance of difference

Knowing the correct (remodelling and renovation) meaning is important when you need to communicate with your broker or potential buyers of your home. Saying your home is newly renovated means something entirely different than newly remodelled. Also, when you communicate with your contractor, you now know the correct terms.