Home Festive ready with these simple Eid Decoration ideas

During festivals, we decorate our homes in the best possible way we can. However, we tend to focus on the walls, doors and things at eye level. Your floor decor is equally important to bring in the festive vibe. Throw in a beautiful carpet in your living area and see how it enhances the look of your home.


The intricate designs, fine knots and softness of pashmina wool will bring in a comforting vibe to your living room and make it look enthralling and serene.

A Simple Wreath And Banners For Your Walls

Looking for some simple decor elements for Eid? Nothing can be prettier than a decorous wreath or Eid Mubarak banners. You can hang them on the wall of your living room, foyer area or your prayer rooms. These will instantly amp up your space and lend a festive look to your home. There are ample options available online or you can just make one at home yourself. Mix it up with some fairy lights or glitter and you are good to go. You can hang them in front of your door as well to greet your guests.

Decorate Your Balcony With Lights, Plants And Eid Special Decor Elements

Turn your balcony into a beautiful hangout space for your friends and family. You can add beautiful white curtains, potted plants and comfortable seating to make your balcony a cosy spot. Add some fairy lights and some Eid Mubarak tabletop stand on the corner table to stitch the look together.

Looking at the crescent moon while sipping on your favourite rose sharbat and unwinding with your friends and family is the best way to celebrate this auspicious festival. If you have enough space in the corner of your balcony, add some rose petals and a floating candle in a large bowl of water and place it on a stand. Add a few drops of rose water or perfume. This will alleviate the ambience of your little outdoor spot.

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Create A Nice Eid Special Corner

Eidi is an integral part of Eid Ul-Fitr. On this day, kids are given gifts by the elders in the family, relatives and friends. You can decorate an Eid corner in your home by arranging the gifts and adding some decorative elements. You can also add balloons and simple DIY decor elements as a fun and playful Eid decoration idea for kids. This is an excellent way of inculcating our traditional values among our kids in light and jovial way.

Decorate Your Dining Table In Style This Eid

Food is an integral part of Eid celebrations. So decorating the dinner table is a must. Here is your day to bring out your best crockery to serve your guests’ delicious food. You can use some traditional metal crockery and old fashioned table wear for an extra festive effect. After all, your Eid special biryani, sheer khurma, dry fruits, and desserts deserve the best serveware. You can also add some candles and flowers to the decor of your dining table. Use a traditional Dalla (jug) and cups for giving the space an authentic look and feel.

Bring In A Traditional Vibe With A Fanous (Lantern) And Star Lights

Illuminate your space with some traditional lighting options. You can use some start and crescent moon hanging lights for your living room, dining space and balcony. This will bring in a bright and beautiful vibe to your space and light up your home. And if you want to go a step further bring in a Fanous (Ramadan special lantern) for your home.

They add to the beauty of the space and are also believed to be the symbol of hope. Fanous literally means ‘light in the darkness’ and is believed to be used for lighting up the street and homes in the month of Ramadan in ancient times. Thus this traditional lantern will give a meaningful touch to your Eid decor.

Dazzle Up Your Room With Cushions, Curtains And Wall Decor Elements

Special occasions deserve special decor. You can lend a dazzling touch to your decor by adding some glittery cushion covers, drapes, curtains decor items. These will reflect the light beautifully and jazz up the entire space, lending a warm and welcoming vibe to the whole room. You can also add some metal wall art for a divine touch. These elements are perfect for an Eid special home decor.

Add A Fresh Fragrance To Your Home With Some Flowers

Flowers play a pivotal role in Eid decor. The fragrant and aesthetic aura it lends to any decor is incomparable. Use decorative vases to display those flowers. You can also decorate your balcony with garlands, mix it up with fairy lights to add to the grandeur. A wreath on the entrance made of leaves, twigs and flowers with an Eid greeting is also a great way to welcome your guests. And what’s more they are eco-friendly and freshen up spaces like no other element can.

Some Simple Eid DIY Decor

Bring your knack for art and craft into best use with some DIY decor ideas for Eid. You can use paper cuttings and origami to make stars and crescent moon, string them up together and use them as beautiful wall hangings. You can also make some personalised return gifts for your guests. A hand grafted pouch with a personalised Eid greeting and a small gift can be a great idea. Make a return gift corner on the foyer unit. This is a great way of showing love and appreciation to your friends and family.