Custom Design T-Shirts – For Full Blown Self Expression

The greatest form of self-expression is when you don’t give a damn about what others think and you continue to express your thoughts and feelings without any hindrance. You are unstoppable in all your actions. Not many exercise this absolute independence in open communication. For the other kind of people who never open their mouth, we assure you, you do have a very exquisite choice. “T-SHIRTS!

Wearing a t-shirt is a fashion statement which never fades. It all started off with a war in the early 1900s and from there it kick started its campaign! The greatest moment was when the famous film “A streetcar named Desire” hit the theatres. Everyone started noticing how cool it is to wear a t-shirt. From that point, there was no looking back. Marlon Brando as the protagonist, who was nominated for Oscars for the role, tore through the then trended fashion with his sexy iconic body line t-shirt. The macho look it created was stunning to say the least. The world provided many accolades for this legendary style and the fashion world completely shifted from formal blazers to rather unusual t-shirts. Enough with the history and the praise for the film. Moving to the point.

There are so many invincible qualities, a t-shirt can automatically bring out in you. First and foremost is the style quotient. Macho, sexy, funky, and more. It continues to create your own trend and propagates the style you want to portray to the outside world in an elegant and subtle way or sometimes outrageously! While style quotient is one thing which always comes with any fashion accessory, it is the other reason which we want to discuss in detail. FULL BLOWN SELF-EXPRESSION! I can understand that you are asking me “Am I missing something?” Yes, just rewind a little and answer this. How did you come to like your t-shirt in the first place? It’s obviously the design – but once again, the style quotient. Is it the personality it exhibits or many a time, the personality it complements? Yeah sure, but what is it that knocked your subconscious mind to go for that particular t-shirt which you are wearing now? Think. Okay, I’ll break the ice. It is the message you want to express to the world!

The message can be anything. A custom designed t-shirt will deliver our intentions to whoever we want to communicate. You can create custom designed group t-shirt and let the world know that you are a part of a brotherhood. You can advertise your business or make a social statement for brand building. You can create a custom designed soul mate t-shirt and wear it with your other half to announce to the world, that you are couples. The world can decide whether you both are made for each other or not. Just kidding. But the point is, there is nothing it cannot do in this world! It will straight away deliver your intentions and take control of the situation. It will hit the target bullseye!

For example, consider the following situation where you are shy.

The girl of your dreams walks nearby. But never once in your life you spoke with her – let alone a Hi! This time, you are mustering up all the courage to talk to her. When you start approaching her, your heart takes a dive into your stomach and it splashes your innards. Each step you make shorts the circuits to your brain and you get all lunatic. You start sweating profusely trying to approach her. When you are in front of her, you just unzip your jacket and showcase your custom designed t-shirt which says, “Hi, Can I join you?” You both are all smiles and happy that your t-shirt did the talking. You deliver your intentions spot on. Now this is a nice complementary act by your t-shirt but the result is full-blown self-expression. Most often, it takes a prop to initiate the conversation. Among all props, t-shirt tops the icing.

Welcome to the world of full self-expression. Start expressing with your custom designed t-shirts.

Source by Rajpandian L