Creative Indian Kitchen Cupboard Designs For Your Home

Modern Indian kitchen cupboard designs can be interpreted differently by different individuals. Irrespective of the fact that you choose to remodel your kitchen or set up a new one, cupboards play an integral role in keeping the space clutter-free. A space with a heart and soul of its own, the kitchen is an area where you cook and sometimes even eat in. So, the first decision you need to make when considering an Indian kitchen furniture design is the overall decor.


Some of the most widely chosen categories for Indian kitchen cupboard designs are modern contemporary, vintage and conventional. How it takes off to reflect the design and theme of your home is something that we can help you choose. Here are some design ideas to help you make an informed decision:

Modern Grey Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

One of the most utilitarian cupboard designs for kitchens in Indian homes, a combination of slate grey and beige makes a striking first impression. A mix of calm and luxury, this L-shaped laminate cupboard design can accommodate everything you need in everyday cooking. Its sleek pull-out mechanism holds oil bottles, pickle jars and even your dustbin in place. With a cabinet under the sink, even disposing of the waste is easily accessible.

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Yellow Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

Using different colours within the home has both a negative and positive impact on our moods and personality. So, when doing up a space where you spend a whole lot of your time like the kitchen, it is important to choose bright colours that bring warmth and good vibes into your food. This two-toned yellow kitchen cupboard design with a neutral white infuses character and definition into the kitchen. Whether you are painting or using a laminate for your kitchen cupboards, use a light colour on the top half and a darker shade on the lower half. This will ensure there is a balance of shades in the kitchen area.

Simple White Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

There are several kitchen cupboard designs for you to choose from when doing up your cooking space. And of the best is this European au naturel open kitchen design that creates an ethereal airy vibe while you whip up age-old recipes. Featuring striking white kitchen cupboards and a contrasting black granite top, the kitchen is an elegant mix of monochrome colours. A white textured backsplash instantly uplifts the cooking area, while indoor plants on the slab bring vibrancy to an otherwise monotone space.

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Teal Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

White Indian kitchen cupboard designs have always been a classic choice for homeowners. The combination of teal with white amps up the aesthetics of a space by lending a calming and cool vibe. Whipping up delicious meals while juggling a hundred other things is not easy. This soothing teal kitchen cupboard design brings a modern Scandinavian ambience that will help keep your mind fluid like the waves of an ocean. The use of contrasting aqua tiles as a backsplash play along the textural vibes of the sea to replicate grainy corals floating amidst teal blue waves.

Black Vogue Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

If you are looking to give your cooking space a stylish makeover, this Indian kitchen furniture design checks all the boxes. A sophisticated black matt finish laminate with stainless steel handles on the cupboard brings an old-world glam to the kitchen. Designed with built-in space for not just your utensils but also appliances, this cupboard design is both elegant and timeless. Adding to the glam of the cooking space is a mirror placed on the wall behind the faucet. It reflects the kitchen area ahead to create an illusion of a more spacious room.

When it comes to picking an Indian kitchen furniture design for your home, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that you can follow. From experimenting with vibrant coloured laminates to playing with textured backsplashes, as a homeowner, you have the power to make the final decision. To help you design your dream kitchen, we at Design Cafe are happy to help you with more such inspirations and ideas.