Cool Signs: Codes and Modes of Your AC Remote

Cool Do you fiddle with the AC remote until you get the AC to do what you want? And then find yourself reaching for it again 20 minutes later to repeat the fiddling process? If so, then you’re not doing yourself or your AC any good. Here are explanation of the codes to help you understand what each button on the remote does.


This will help your AC last longer, reduce your electricity bill and keep you from repeatedly reaching for the remote.

AC Remote Symbols Decoded

Cool Mode:

This is the default mode on which the air conditioner runs to cool the room. You can adjust the fan speed and temperature. To save electricity while using this mode – it’s best to set the temperature at 25 degree centigrade.

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Dry Mode:

This mode is helpful in humid conditions or tropical cities. It makes the AC act like a dehumidifier and removes the moisture from the air. The fan runs at a low speed so electricity is also saved when you use this mode.

Fan Mode:

This mode is used to ventilate the room and blow out the stale air. This is a good energy-saving mode as the compressor is off and the fan is running. But it is as good a ceiling fan as there is cool air coming from the AC.

Heat Mode:

Your AC can also act like a heater and blows warm air until the set temperature is reached.

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Power Saver Mode:

This mode starts off the same as the cool mode. But in the cool mode the fan is always running while in the power-saving mode, when the desired temperature is reached, the fan as well as the compressor get switched off, thereby saving electricity.

Turbo or Quick Cool Mode:

Turbo mode helps cool or heat the room faster by having the fan run at maximum speed for about 30 minutes when you switch it on. The temperature and fan settings cannot be changed when you use Turbo mode

Sleep Mode:

This mode helps save electricity as you sleep. It increases the temperature set by one degree every hour.

6th Sense Mode:

Some ACs have the 6th Sense Mode which automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the temperature of the room.

We hope that this decoding of the modes will help improve your relationship with your AC and keep you from throwing the remote against the wall. If you want your AC to last longer, get it serviced regularly.