Measure for Curtains and Drapes in 5 Easy Steps

Curtains and drapes can make even an ordinary room look more comfortable and luxurious. You can choose curtains or drapes in any color, pattern, and texture depending upon what constitutes a perfect room for you.

You have just moved into your new apartment and you want to give it some life. You are thinking about buying curtains or drapes for the windows but don’t know how much fabric you need. Well, we made a handy guide that will help take the guesswork out of measuring for curtains and drapes! Scroll down to read our 5-step guide on how to measure for curtains and drapes in no time at all.

Choose Curtains or Drapes in any ColorCurtains

Curtains and drapes are a great way to make any room feel more comfortable and luxurious. You can choose from many different colors, patterns, textures, and styles depending on what makes the perfect room for you. Here are 5 easy steps to measuring for curtains or drapes!

Here are 5 easy steps to measuring for curtains or drapes!

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Step 1 – Measure your window width

Step 2 – Add 3 inches

Step 3 – Divide by two

Step 4 – Subtract 1 inch (for each curtain rod)

Step 5 – Cut fabric to size of measurement plus one inch for seam allowance.

  • If you want to create custom-pleated, gathered or ruffled curtains, add one more inch for the seam allowance.
  • Use these steps and tricks below to ensure a perfect fit every time!
  • Make sure your window is clean and clear of any obstacles like furniture or blinds. Take measurements from the top down, making sure they are accurate by holding the tape measure tightly against the wall. You can also have someone help you get a more accurate measurement (the weight of another person will hold the tape measure tight).
  • Always make sure that your measuring tape has inches on it so that you know exactly how many inches high your curtain rod should be.
  • Get curtains and drapes that transform a room
  • Choose from four types of fabric for your curtains/drapes so you can create the perfect living or working space
  • Don’t settle for an ordinary window, make every window into a beautiful focal point with custom-made drapes
  • Take just 5 simple steps to get amazing looking curtains
  • Follow these five easy steps when measuring for curtains or drapes in your home today!

In the end, it’s all about what makes you happy. There are so many different styles of curtains and drapes that can help transform an ordinary room into a luxurious space for you to enjoy every day. Whether your preference is modern or traditional, we have something perfect for you! If this sounds like too much work on top of everything else in life, let us know and our team will be more than happy to design a curtain set just for your home at no cost to you – call today!

how easy it is to measure for curtains or drapes

Curtains and drapes are a great way to do that. They can make even an ordinary room look more comfortable and luxurious. You can choose curtains or drapes in any color, pattern, and texture depending upon what constitutes a perfect room for you.

If you are looking for the best way to dress up your windows, then this guide is just right for you! We will show you how easy it is to measure for curtains or drapes in 5 simple steps. This guide will help save time while shopping online by providing all the information that one needs before buying new window treatments. It also provides tips on how to choose colors that match with your decor perfectly! So let’s get started!

• You’ll love the transformation in your room when curtains and drapes are added to a boring, otherwise lackluster space.

• Curtain and drapery stores will enable you to feel at ease while shopping for the perfect window dressings because they know what’s going on.

• Curtains and drapes can be found anywhere- from small independent boutiques to large retail chains such as Macy’s or JCPenney. It doesn’t matter where you shop because it all depends upon your personal preferences for style, comfort level, etcetera!

Decorating your home with curtains and drapes is a great way to add comfort, color, and texture. Curtains can be used in any room of the house while draperies are mostly found in living rooms or bedrooms. They come in different colors, patterns, and textures so you’re sure to find one that matches your current décor or personal style.

To get started on designing the perfect space for yourself with these window treatments, contact our team today! We’ll help you choose what’s best whether it’s blinds vs Roman shades vs vertical blinds vs roman shades – we’ve got them all!

Best Celebrates Independence Day in Style with our Ideas

As India enters its 75th year as an independent nation, the country celebrates freedom and togetherness. With a long, bruising fight against COVID-19, we have seen a lot over these two years. Hence, celebrations now hold a more special place in our hearts than before. And while we are still restricted in celebrating in many ways, we embrace our ‘at home’ events that are becoming more popular than ever.

Country Celebrates Freedom and TogethernessCelebrates

So, continuing the success of the last home Independence Day celebrations, we bring you yet another Independence Day at-home decoration and design ideas to commemorate this special day while in the safety of our abodes. But this Independence Day, we will not just help you with some tricolour decor DIY tips (although we admit we love them). This time, we thought of giving you ideas to celebrate our freedom, history and values with home interior ideas to celebrate independence and feel it deep within our home.

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Embrace Freedom With A DIY Clutter-Free Mission For Your Home

This Independence Day, why not embrace freedom literally by rearranging your house to make more space for you to move around freely? Yes, most of our houses remain cramped with furnishings and decorations, allowing us less space for ourselves; so, this Independence Day, let’s declutter, free the fuss and embrace freedom for ourselves by making our rooms spacious. Here are some DIY tips for you to rid your home from the unnecessities:

  • Bring in new and modular storage for your home, especially for the kitchen.
  • Use the vertical areas of the rooms for storage, such as wall-mounted shelves, showcases, etc.
  • Invest in multifunctional furniture pieces, for example, a bed with storage, a wardrobe with a concealed dressing unit, etc.
  • De-clutter the non-essential decor pieces that have been lying around for like ever!
  • Arrange your sofas and beds by the walls to have more walking space in the living area and bedrooms.

Incorporate The Value Of Diversity For Your At-Home Independence Day

To celebrate India’s diverse cultures and styles, embrace this diversity to create various zones in your home. Yes, now that we are all spending more time at home, it is only essential to reimagine our house and create diversity among our rooms. It means creating different corners and areas for various tasks. For example, separate your study area from your bedroom and diversify your resting and work sections.  This diversification will also help you create break-out areas and tea corners at home — preventing monotony from settling in with exciting zones and corners.

Celebrate Sustainability With DIY Khadi Decor

Khadi had a crucial role in India’s Independence movement. It is a handspun and handwoven cloth that was endorsed by Mahatma Gandhi. And this is why khadi is so special. While the material is highly appreciated in the fashion industry, it is yet to be celebrated in home interiors. Therefore, why not celebrate this  Independence Day

with some freedom-inspired khadi decorations? Yes, you can use khadi as your material for different interior designs such as khadi drapes, khadi sofa cushion covers, khadi wall macrame, etc. Khadi has a very earthy appeal that will bring in the sustainability vibe to your home, and you will be able to celebrate Independence Day with a deeper meaning.

Go For The Most-Admired Tricolour Decorations For The Day

If you, like us, cannot miss integrating the most-loved tricolour decorations, here’s an idea to implement them most subtly. First, divide the three colours for each room or section of your house and then play around with the colours throughout your home for the Independence Day decorations. We’d say: Why not go with a minimalistic white colour for your bedroom room decoration to imbibe the peacefulness of the colour into your house?

Then, you can use the green in your study room to replicate the essence of growth and productivity of green. You can add the colour as an accent wall colour or include it through different pop elements. You can also have the green through biophilic features. You can add the saffron colour in your living area, either with a saffron-accent wall Independence Day decoration or saffron accent furniture pieces like an armchair sofa or a sectional sofa, etc. This way, you can include the colours throughout your house in a very subtle way.

Some Freedom Movement Period Indian Art

Another great way to integrate the feeling of patriotism into our home decor is by adding some Indian art, specifically the freedom movement period art. For example, Gandhiji’s spinning wheel or chakra would make gorgeous art for the living room or decorate the showcase with some tricolour handmade clay pots, flower vases, etc. You can also add a descriptive painting of the freedom fight time in your living area to denote the challenging struggle. This way, you can add more meaning to your Independence Day decorations and make your celebrations more rooted and organic.

Brotherly Love: 5 Raksha Bandhan Decoration Ideas

Indians are blessed with rich culture, heritage and a plethora of festivals, each of which has its own significance and deep-rooted meaning. Festivals bring us closer to our roots and help in strengthening our bond with our family and culture. Raksha Bandhan is one of the sweetest festivals celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters.


So if you want to invite your brother home and spend some quality time with him or inculcate traditional values in your kids, our Raksha Bandhan decoration ideas bring in a festive vibe and a whole lot of love.  You can decorate your home with flowers and lamps, make some DIY Rakhis at home. You can also create a heartfelt Raksha Bandhan board with childhood pictures or crafts both of you created together in your childhood to make your brother feel special.

Read to know more about some of our unique and vibrant Rakhi decor ideas to make this day the most special day for your beloved brother.

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A Perfect Blend Of Modern Furniture With Traditional Decor Elements

When it comes to home decoration ideas for Indian festivals, you can never go wrong with fresh flowers. They are quintessentially festive and traditional. All you got to do is hang some flower garlands around your home this Raksha Bandhan and you are good to go. Add a swing along with your modular furniture for authentic old-world charm to your modern living room. You can also decorate your coffee table with brass lamps and perfumed candles. This will envelop your home with a soothing vibe and fresh aromas. Wallpaper with intricate designs can become an accent wall this Rakhi too. Accessorize it.

A Splash Of Vibrant Colours With Curtains And Pillows

A clutter-free space, vibrant colours, and lots of natural lighting are elements that are believed to keep us happy, energetic, and productive. So this Raksha Bandhan, decorate your house not only to make it look pretty and colourful but also to bring in that abundance, prosperity and good health. Remove all unnecessary items at home, switch to space-saving furniture that is functional and easy on the eyes. Opt for colourful sheer curtains that will allow a lot of natural light in your home while making your space look vibrant. You can also incorporate colourful pillows, throws and floor rugs to make this Raksha Bandhan the start of some fun times!

Unconventional Rakhi Decoration Ideas For Your Balcony To Relive Childhood Memories Over A Cup Of Coffee

Most of us have fond memories of playing with our brothers in the courtyard of our grandparent’s home during vacation time. This Raksha Bandhan you can curate decor  to relive the memories of your childhood and sibling revelry right in the comfort of your balcony. Your Nani’s aangan can now be recreated in your balcony! Decorate your balcony with plants, spread a rug, throw some pillows, pouffes or a futon on the floor. Bring in pretty fairy lights and macrame wall hangings on the wall. You can also add some pictures or decor items to help you travel down memory lane and enjoy emotional moments with your brother as you relive your childhood together.

Decorate The Rakhi Bandhan Thali With All Our Brother’s Favorite Treats

Looking for innovative Raksha Bandhan thali decoration at home? We have some unique ideas just for you and those that are easy and budget friendly too! Decorate your coffee table with a satin table runner, place all your brother’s favourite treats like chocolates, sweets and savoury along with the traditional Raksha Bandhan thali. You can order a Rakhi thali online or DIY one with the help of online videos. Place some perfumed candles and oil lamps for positive vibrations. This is an excellent decor idea if you like simple decor for your home or are scrambling to put together a decor idea after a long day of work.

Decorate The Foyer Area With A Small Rangoli And Simple Flower Garlands

When looking for Rakhi Bandhan room decoration ideas do not forget to deck up your foyer area. An entryway sets the tone for the entire home and brings in a lot of positivity and good vibrations. You can make floral rangoli in the foyer area and add fairy lights and garlands. You can also create a Raksha Bandhan wall with your childhood photographs or crafts. And if you want to relive some memories of your childhood, pin up photographs on a board and bring in an emotional touch to your Rakhi home decor.

Here you go, simple Raksha Bandhan home decor ideas to make this festival a little more special and heartwarming. We hope you are inspired by these ideas and cannot wait to incorporate them into your home decor. Enjoy this day with your brother and the rest of your family.

Guide to False Ceiling Designs For Cool Kids’ Bedroom

bedroom False ceiling are installed for a variety of reasons. They can serve a functional purpose, an aesthetic one or a combination of both. As a functional element, a kids’ bedroom false ceiling can help conceal things like wires, cables and pipes that may otherwise be an eyesore and interfere with the look of the rest of the room.

A false ceiling also comes to the rescue when the structural or original ceiling is prone to damage like water leaks or frequent chipping of the wall paint.

False ceiling

Besides these reasons, false ceiling designs for kids’ bedroom also enhance the overall decor of the room. You can pick from several types of materials for false ceilings like gypsum, plaster of Paris and wood. Each material has different properties that make them suitable for false ceilings. While gypsum is favoured for its lightweight nature, plaster of Paris is preferred for its durability and wood for its aesthetics. Here’s a guide to different types of false ceiling designs for kids’ bedroom.

A Simple False Ceiling For Kids’ Bedroom For A Framed Look

This simple false ceiling for kids’ bedroom lends a neat and structured look to the space. The false ceiling acts as a border and looks like a frame as it runs along the corners of the room. With the lights installed within the false ceiling, the room also gets a glow effect and appears better illuminated.

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Experiment With Different Shapes For Kids’ Bedroom False Ceiling

For any other room, you would probably go for a more moderate and practical false ceiling design but for the kids’ bedroom false ceiling, you can get more experimental. Your kids will love the fun element that playful shapes in the false ceiling bring to their room. The shaped cutouts in the false ceiling also allow the lights to add more character to the room.

Enhanced Ambient Lighting

Besides solving functional problems like concealing the structural ceiling, a false ceiling opens up many opportunities to install different types of ceiling lights. This kids’ bedroom false ceiling features hidden lights as well as recessed lighting. It brightens up the room and enhances the ambient lighting. For an extra fun element, you could also try different coloured lights.

Showcases Their Hobbies

The false ceiling is a secondary ceiling suspended from the original ceiling. This allows one to personalise the false ceiling as one likes. The kids’ bedroom is always a welcome space for customisation as children love personalising their space to their likes and hobbies. In case your child is a budding musician, this kids’ bedroom false ceiling which features piano keys will be a great inspiration.

Sports Fans

This is one of those false ceiling designs for kids’ bedroom that your child will fall in love with instantly. Go the extra mile and turn the false ceiling into a football field to reflect your child’s favourite sport. It perfectly completes the sports-themed look of this children’s bedroom.

These ideas of false ceiling designs for kids’ bedroom help you make the most of a false ceiling in creative ways. Children love it when their rooms reflect their personalities and become very attached to their spaces. A personalised kids’ bedroom false ceiling is an added opportunity to turn the room into a more welcoming space for your child.

Best Difference between Interior Designer & Decorator

Home interior designer or a home decorator? There are two choices, two people under whose care your home will come together. Confused about which one to choose? Let this article guide you. It’s time for a celebration!! Your 10th wedding anniversary is coming up and you must be so excited. Preparations for it are on in full-swing. There’s clothes to be stitched, home to be brightened up, furnishings to be bought. In the midst of it is the preparation for the actual party, food that you’re going to serve, cutlery and groceries, decor and invites.

There’s so much to do and you’d like all of it coming together a certain way. But preparing for a celebration like this takes time and work. Will you have the time and energy to actually be involved in everything? Won’t you need help of some kind? Do you have the expertise to cook some lip-smacking food in huge quantities you may require to feed your guests?


Putting together a successful party needs your ideas but will be greatly enhanced when experts weigh in, from caterers to event planners and more. Apply this thinking to the interiors of your home and you’ll understand why there’s a huge difference between having an interior designer do the job versus an interior decorator. Although they sound the same, they aren’t, with both roles having distinct and clear deliverables.

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Interior Designer’s

When you think about a home interior designer, the closest reference comes to an event planner you will hire for your celebration. Just as a planner tries understanding your likes, dislikes and preferences and puts together everything for your party, so does a designer work to create fully functional architecturally and aesthetically optimised spaces. By studying the age, physical location and direction of the building shell, interior designers combine artistic and scientific solutions, societal and environmental factors to create a functional space. Everything that interior designers do is rooted in methodology, a plan; research, analysis, planning, integration to arrive at what you need.

Academic Credentials – An interior designer comes with his/her own credentials and expertise of work. Studying colour, fabric, structure, design, spatial planning, architecture and furniture design brings together a deep knowledge of how a home should look like eventually. This matches the planner’s work of knowing what may be required where, and how much material will suffice.

Professional Expertise – Designers of homes have a bird’s eye view of how a space should come together by bringing together different elements. They choreograph architectural design, spatial arrangements and interior renovation. They are the masterminds of orchestrating everything, from floor plan to materials, structures to what goes in them. They work very closely with ergonomics and in turn civil contractors, architects and engineers to bring a house to life.

Interior Decorator’s

Unlike designers, interior decorators can be compared to food planners or MCs, someone who actually executes what the designer comes up with. Interior decorations pivot around space’s aesthetics, enhancing the structural layout of a home. A decorator’s expertise is specific and not immersed with the building alone. He/she focuses on colour and furnishings, selecting curios and artistic decor. Therefore while a designer may be focused on the entirety of a wardrobe including material, flammability, water-resistance and usage, a decorator will only be focused on colour, texture and grain of the wood.

Academic Credentials – Interior decoration requires inherent talent and aesthetics and not necessarily certification in the field. They need to have a creative flair and an eye for design covering color and decor styles, spatial design and material planning. A degree only helps to some extent. What matters is whether the decorator can take your idea and visualise how it will look in reality.

Professional Expertise – Called style savants, interior decorators can visualise in their mind’s eye how your space will look eventually. Just as a food planner will know the kind of palate your guests may have and select the right food to satiate their choices, so does a decorator. They can play with colour, furniture, look and style and know what’s the perfect vase that will match your decor or the wall mirror to embellish your living room. Interior decorators usually come on board once designers have done their job and an architect’s job is finished. They work closely with decor firms, furniture suppliers, upholsterers, and home enhancement enablers to finish what a home interior designer begin and complete the home.

Call An Interior Designer If,

Your home needs structural changes such as wall modifications, waterproofing and rewiring, breaking and building home sections. Interior designers often partner with architects and contractors to work on projects and lend their experience and expertise. They help in putting together the outer shell as well as liaising with all parties concerned in building the house.

Call An Interior Decorator If,

Your home just needs styling or a makeover without any structural change, especially in colour, furniture and furnishings, lighting and accessories. Decorators know what goes well together to create a vibrant, cohesive and functional space.

The success of a party and celebrations that make it memorable come from the little things that add to the big day. The success of a home also depends on everything coming together and having the right resources who use their expertise, knowledge and experience to build a home that becomes a reflection of you.

So there you have it – now you know the difference between an interior designer and decorator. You can scout for interior decorators or designers online and check their customer reviews before making your choice!

Best Bring Nature Home with our Vegetable Garden Ideas

Biophilia has been trending in home interiors for some time now. People’s urge to connect with nature is rising, especially in a Covid-19 world where health is the new gold. This is why concrete design ideas are getting sidetracked with natural materials and finishes. However, natural interior solutions don’t just end there.

People are also going overboard with active natural design elements like indoor plants, live grass walls, etc. But beyond these obvious biophilic twists, today’s homes are also witnessing a new wave of home interiors — with full-fledged home gardens.home

Home Vegetable Gardens

While flowers and plants are the usual home biophilia choices, city dwellers also invest in home vegetable gardens. Yes, the growing awareness of fertilised vegetables and chemical-led farming lets people take things in their hands and grow their own food in their homes. This brings us to today’s unique topic: home vegetable garden ideas to transform your city apartment into a countryside haven where you get to be close to nature and get good food to eat.

So, let’s go through our home vegetable garden ideas to bring nature right inside your home!

Start Your Home Vegetable Garden In Your Food Haven

The kitchen is the place where you cook and mostly store your food. Therefore, your kitchen requires a constant supply of natural vibes. So, first, make sure your kitchen gets enough sunlight. Second, if you plan for a home vegetable garden, start planning it in your kitchen.

You can go ahead with proper vegetable gardening raised beds if you have a spacious kitchen area. Or else you can go with this vegetable gardening in plant pots for the starter. You can start growing herbs in small pots; they won’t take much space, require less maintenance and will not mess up your kitchen area. You can grow herbs like basils, thyme, mint, etc. Tip: Place the pots beside a window where the vegetable plants can get the required sunlight.

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Grow Tasty Tomatoes Home Vegetable Garden In Your Balcony

If you have a sweet balcony spot in your home, your home vegetable garden plan is almost sorted. Balconies are excellent for daily sunlight and random rainwater. So, they would work great for home garden ideas. You can start with easy garden plants like tomatoes, lemons, etc. You can use typical terracotta or clay pots for this.

Go for plant pots of around 10 inches and a diameter between 16 inches and 22 inches with commercial potting soil. Tomatoes usually require eight hours of sun daily, so place the tomato garden pots in the sunny spots on your balconies. Remember: Tomato plants need regular and consistent watering, and soak the soil properly every time you water them.

Tip: Avoid using porous pots as they can leave the tomato plants dry.

You can also grow other herbs and plants in the balconies to accompany your tomatoes. Zucchini and cabbage can be two other great choices for your home vegetable garden.

Dazzle Your Front Porch Area With Some Home Vegetable Gardening

Homes with wide front porches can have the best home vegetable gardens. This is usually possible for independent homes with dedicated front areas. According to the available porch area, you can go for easy-growing vegetable garden plants like chilli, tomato, cucumber garden, etc. Green chilli is the quintessential element of Indian food and is also relatively easy to grow at home. So, go ahead and bring some spice to your home’s interiors with green chilli plantations on your front porch. FYI, green chillies are also known as great Vastu plants for homes.

Home Vegetable Garden Ideas For A Natural Study Area

Your study/workspace corner can be the perfect spot for growing vegetables and flowers. The natural environment will bring a serene and refreshing vibe to the place, letting you study or work in complete tranquillity. This can also be great for unwinding your mind with some freshness around. For this, you can choose a vertical planter design.

There are several types of metal planters; select one as per your vegetable/flower density. Avoid cramping your plants by placing them close together. So, try placing them in such so that each of the plants gets enough room to grow. You can grow some lemongrass, Indian herbs and chillies in this kind of vegetable garden. To twist your home garden, you can also add some creepers and cactus plants.

How About Some Lemongrass Or Lemons For Home Vegetable Garden In Your Living Room?

Lemongrass comes with many benefits. First, they are great nutritional additions, and second, they bring incredible taste to recipes. But do you know that lemongrass smell can also be an excellent mosquito repellent? Yes! So, growing these green wonders indoors can be an excellent idea for your home vegetable garden. You can use tin pots or bottles to produce them. Choose a corner where the lemongrasses can freely grow. As they require constant sunlight, you can place them in your living room windows that get natural sunlight throughout the day.

Also, you can just go with a lemon plant in your living area. These plants are best for the outdoors; however, they can flourish indoors if attended well. Just like lemongrass, lemon plants indoors can bring a refreshing ambience to your living room. Lemon plants also bring an authentic look to the indoors. Hence, they can be a great interior addition to your living room’s biophilic design.

You Can Also Try Hydroponic Farming In Your House

If you are looking for a home vegetable garden idea, go for indoor hydroponic farming. Hydroponics is a method of growing vegetables and fruits in water. This type of farming requires no soil. You can grow veggies like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and cucumber for your hydroponic home vegetable garden. These veggies are easy to grow, easy to maintain and require minimum attention. In addition, you can style up your hydroponic home garden with some stylish water pots that also add to your home interiors’ appeal.

Why Not Have A Dedicated Home Vegetable Garden Room?

For a nature lover, dedicating a room to indoor gardening is never a big deal. So, if you are pretty serious about your home vegetable garden, go for a garden room. This room will require constant sunlight and a homely habitat for your plants. You can choose a room that has glass windows through which sunlight can easily pass through.

You would need to shortlist the vegetable, fruits and plants you want to grow in your garden room. Depending on each plant type, you can choose a pot and a planter to allow each of your plants to grow liberally without compromising space or light. Don’t hesitate to mix and match the plants to create an exciting home garden. This indoor garden will be a great addition to your home interiors as well as your home’s internal well-being.

Inimitable Ideas to Create a Reading Nook in a Small Home

A study once claimed that Indians love to read and spend around 10 hours a week reading. Well, considering the love for books that we have, dedicating a particular corner for the activity isn’t a luxury anymore.


Since most modern homes are compact, a reading nook can always find a place for itself when you put in the right effort. There are multiple ways to transform any area in your house into a space where you sit back and enjoy what you read. Here are a few reading nook ideas to help you develop a little corner for you and your family.

By The Window

Sitting by the window on a rainy day with a steaming cup of coffee beside you and a book in hand seems picture-perfect. Well, you can realise this dream by converting the window area into a reading space. If you have a window with a low height, you can consider a book storage space that doubles up as a seating area. This saves space, especially in a small home. Set it up with comfortable upholstery and a few cushions to make it a cosy reading nook. This might just turn out to be your favourite place to be in. Here, you get to keep your favourite books close to you while spending quality time by yourself.

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The Royal Chair

This is an idea that works perfectly for all those who think that a chair can have many uses. Well, this is a chair that stands out. You can stretch your legs on the ottoman and read as much as you want to. In between the reading sessions, a quick nap on the chair does not harm either. The chair will keep you comfortable no matter what, especially when you add nice and soft cushions. Putting this in the corner of your bedroom or living room interior with a lamp by its side makes for a comfortable reading nook. You can also put a shelf or a rack alongside that can hold your favourite books.

One For You And One For Me

How about the idea of reading with a companion who shares similar interests? A corner with two comfortable seats can make do like a quiet place where two people can talk over a cup of coffee or read. You can pick two chairs that look either alike or stand apart. A bookshelf or a side table where you can keep your favourites to pick as and when you want to read can give a picture-perfect appearance. When you have a small and cosy home, this arrangement can be an ideal fit for the living room, where you can limit chairs or couches while uplifting the look.

A Lavish Sofa As A Reading Nook

Instead of setting up a particular corner for reading, why not pick a sofa that allows you to stretch out and be comfortable? A lovely sectional sofa with comfortable upholstery can be the perfect set-up. Make sure to purchase the sofa keeping your reading activities in mind. Putting up a bookshelf close to the couch makes it easy for you to pick your favourite books and read them whenever you want to.

Your Cosy Reading Nook In The Bedroom

This can be a set-up where you not just sit and read but also contemplate life. How about playing the guitar and spending quality time with yourself? An oversized reading nook chair at the corner of your bedroom gives it a personal touch. Even though you have a bed to relax and read, this couch has a different vibe to it. Some opt for chairs with an ottoman, while others simply like huge sofas to put up their feet and be comfortable. Setting a lamp to help you read and complementing it with a bookshelf designed gives a different feel to the area. It speaks for itself while giving your room a polished look.

A Pretty Swing For A Reading Nook

An indoor swing that is small and petite can be a great addition to your home. Setting it up on the balcony or the living room can work wonders. This swing allows you to relax and read. You can match the colour of the swing to the other furniture pieces in the room.

A comfortable reading space is all that you would want. Go on, flip open that novel and immerse yourself in its pages. Want more such ideas? Give us a shout-out and we’ll help you out!

Creative Mothers Day Decoration Ideas for Home

Who needs a superhero when you have a mom? Even superheroes like Superman and Batman lose their powers when it comes to the superwomen in their lives! As we all know, life does not come with a manual on how to live it, but it does come with mom!


This Mothers Day has come up with decoration ideas. So readers, it is time to stop thinking and do some reading. Get a set decorate!

A Flower Or Many

It’s a mother’s dream to sleep in and not wake up for a change. But thinking of her dear children, she has no option but to get up, get ready and get the day going! So for all early rising moms and those who can’t sleep in why not give them a floral surprise with this decoration on Mothers Day. This bedroom brings a summer’s day feel with yellow and orange sunflowers beautifully placed in wall mounted glass pots and a wagon with fresh flowers and greetings! Your mother is sure to get some aromatherapy as she wakes up to the colour of happiness yellow. This decoration idea will instantly enlighten her mood! No more cranky moms, only happy ones!

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Down Low But Hey! Heavens The Word

This bedroom design is simple yet modern and is perfect for a mother who loves the colour white. You are sure to leave your mother’s heart floating with this Mother’s Day decoration idea. Time to send some balloons up, up and away? Nah that’s too cliche let the balloons stick to the ground we say. This bedroom has two neutral shades – white and grey – both of which blend in well to bring out an elegant look. White sheets, pillows and  balloons are sure to create an angelic feel for your mother at home! Breakfast in bed is now made easy with a portable bed breakfast table. Now she can sip tea and watch TV. She deserves it all.

Show Her Some Love Will You?

They say age with fine wine! Why not! Time to add a little magic to your mother’s dinner plans with this Mother’s Day decoration idea! This gorgeous white wood dining table brings a rustic modern tone to the spotlight. This table is set up with a bottle of wine to get the giggles going, candles to set the mood right, a special surprise to tell her you care and a bunch of roses to show your love. What more could a mom want than a gourmet dinner? Well, that’s coming right up!

A Pop Of Colour

This decoration on Mother’s Day is sure to bring out the hidden child in your mother! For mothers who are fun-loving and love a pop of colour, this Mother’s Day decoration idea will leave her smiling. This lovely white living room with a comfy white sofa is sure to come to life when you add a splash of colour. Balloons everywhere in different colours and presents to open will leave her filled with tears of joy.

A Fairy World With Fairy Lights!

There might not be enough evidence that little fairies existed, but there is evidence that fairy lights do! Lighting in a room can change the mood. It’s all about whether you want a dreamy feel, a studious feel or a warm and cosy feel.  But this Mother’s Day why not give your mom a magical feel with these hanging decorations of fairy lights? This wooden floored living room with a grey sofa and white floor rug has an enchanting vibe due to the pretty fairy lights and beautifully scented candles. Your mother will feel safe, secure and loved with this decoration this Sunday.

Home Festive ready with these simple Eid Decoration ideas

During festivals, we decorate our homes in the best possible way we can. However, we tend to focus on the walls, doors and things at eye level. Your floor decor is equally important to bring in the festive vibe. Throw in a beautiful carpet in your living area and see how it enhances the look of your home.


The intricate designs, fine knots and softness of pashmina wool will bring in a comforting vibe to your living room and make it look enthralling and serene.

A Simple Wreath And Banners For Your Walls

Looking for some simple decor elements for Eid? Nothing can be prettier than a decorous wreath or Eid Mubarak banners. You can hang them on the wall of your living room, foyer area or your prayer rooms. These will instantly amp up your space and lend a festive look to your home. There are ample options available online or you can just make one at home yourself. Mix it up with some fairy lights or glitter and you are good to go. You can hang them in front of your door as well to greet your guests.

Decorate Your Balcony With Lights, Plants And Eid Special Decor Elements

Turn your balcony into a beautiful hangout space for your friends and family. You can add beautiful white curtains, potted plants and comfortable seating to make your balcony a cosy spot. Add some fairy lights and some Eid Mubarak tabletop stand on the corner table to stitch the look together.

Looking at the crescent moon while sipping on your favourite rose sharbat and unwinding with your friends and family is the best way to celebrate this auspicious festival. If you have enough space in the corner of your balcony, add some rose petals and a floating candle in a large bowl of water and place it on a stand. Add a few drops of rose water or perfume. This will alleviate the ambience of your little outdoor spot.

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Create A Nice Eid Special Corner

Eidi is an integral part of Eid Ul-Fitr. On this day, kids are given gifts by the elders in the family, relatives and friends. You can decorate an Eid corner in your home by arranging the gifts and adding some decorative elements. You can also add balloons and simple DIY decor elements as a fun and playful Eid decoration idea for kids. This is an excellent way of inculcating our traditional values among our kids in light and jovial way.

Decorate Your Dining Table In Style This Eid

Food is an integral part of Eid celebrations. So decorating the dinner table is a must. Here is your day to bring out your best crockery to serve your guests’ delicious food. You can use some traditional metal crockery and old fashioned table wear for an extra festive effect. After all, your Eid special biryani, sheer khurma, dry fruits, and desserts deserve the best serveware. You can also add some candles and flowers to the decor of your dining table. Use a traditional Dalla (jug) and cups for giving the space an authentic look and feel.

Bring In A Traditional Vibe With A Fanous (Lantern) And Star Lights

Illuminate your space with some traditional lighting options. You can use some start and crescent moon hanging lights for your living room, dining space and balcony. This will bring in a bright and beautiful vibe to your space and light up your home. And if you want to go a step further bring in a Fanous (Ramadan special lantern) for your home.

They add to the beauty of the space and are also believed to be the symbol of hope. Fanous literally means ‘light in the darkness’ and is believed to be used for lighting up the street and homes in the month of Ramadan in ancient times. Thus this traditional lantern will give a meaningful touch to your Eid decor.

Dazzle Up Your Room With Cushions, Curtains And Wall Decor Elements

Special occasions deserve special decor. You can lend a dazzling touch to your decor by adding some glittery cushion covers, drapes, curtains decor items. These will reflect the light beautifully and jazz up the entire space, lending a warm and welcoming vibe to the whole room. You can also add some metal wall art for a divine touch. These elements are perfect for an Eid special home decor.

Add A Fresh Fragrance To Your Home With Some Flowers

Flowers play a pivotal role in Eid decor. The fragrant and aesthetic aura it lends to any decor is incomparable. Use decorative vases to display those flowers. You can also decorate your balcony with garlands, mix it up with fairy lights to add to the grandeur. A wreath on the entrance made of leaves, twigs and flowers with an Eid greeting is also a great way to welcome your guests. And what’s more they are eco-friendly and freshen up spaces like no other element can.

Some Simple Eid DIY Decor

Bring your knack for art and craft into best use with some DIY decor ideas for Eid. You can use paper cuttings and origami to make stars and crescent moon, string them up together and use them as beautiful wall hangings. You can also make some personalised return gifts for your guests. A hand grafted pouch with a personalised Eid greeting and a small gift can be a great idea. Make a return gift corner on the foyer unit. This is a great way of showing love and appreciation to your friends and family.

How to Choose Full Dining Room Chairs for Home

A Home dining table brings the entire family together. Be it for feasts or conversations, a dining table serves as the favourite hang-out spot in a house for everyone to catch up. Not to mention how it leaves an impression on the guests when you are hosting a dinner.

While the dining table top and its finish are important, homeowners often sideline dining room chairs. Dining room chairs play a huge role in making sure your family and guests are comfortable. At the same time, they also set the tone of your dining space. Because of this, you need to pay more attention while buying dining room chairs.


Give a little more thought when you are shopping dining room chairs and trust us, they will not only let you show off but also win back-to-back compliments from your guests. Wondering what you must keep in mind while buying dining room chairs? Let us help you choose them. Follow our quick guide to buy some of the best dining room chairs for your home.

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Parameters For Choosing Dining Room Chairs

First and foremost, take a nice look at the room or space in which you are going to place dining room chairs. Measure it from all the vital points as well as the table. You will as a result know the dimensions that you need to keep in mind for the chairs.

It is equally important to keep a note of the height of the dinner table. Accordingly, account for the height of the dining room chairs. That way, there will be enough room for people to sit comfortably.

Also, the last thing you want is your guests to feel discomfort while putting their elbows on the dining table. Space out the dining chairs and keep their dimensions optimum to avoid the elbow wars on the table.
Apart from these basic factors, choose the material and frame of dining room chairs so that they are in sync with the overall decor of your dining room.

Bamboo Dining Room Chairs

It is always challenging to pick just the right material for dining room chairs. But remember, old is always gold! Go for long-lasting and chic bamboo dining room chairs. They not only look elegant but also remind of the good ol’ times.

Stackable Dining Room Chairs

Bulky chairs are just not your thing? We hear you! Take our word and buy these light and easy-to-stack dining room chairs. As they are crafted from fibre or plastic, they are very convenient to set up for outdoor meals and even double up well for the indoors.

Modern Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs need to make an everlasting impression, irrespective of the type of your home: rustic, contemporary or indie. This is because they symbolise the spirit of hospitality. If you agree with us, then modern dining room chairs will appeal to you any day. Their outstanding design and ergonomics win over even the toughest hearts — sit on them and you will know why!

Wooden Dining Room Chairs

Need chairs that demand less maintenance and are robust? Simply get wooden chairs for your dining room. With their muted form and sleek frame, they subtly draw attention and provide comfy support. Consider them for your trendy dining table.

Vintage Dining Room Chairs

Sometimes, it is nice to play in the gallery. We say, pick these stylish vintage chairs that symbolise nostalgia and luxury. They will pair well with a plain dinner table as well and stand out, all thanks to their quirky looks.

Minimalistic Dining Room Chairs

These simple, minimalistic dining room chairs epitomise class. Not too over the top and not too subtle, this design strikes absolute balance around your dining table. Get it for your home to set the quintessential zen vibe while relishing meals.

Focus on the spatial dynamics, dimensions of dining room chairs and most importantly, on the ergonomics and design and you would be covered. Keep our easy tips in mind and you will not fail at selecting just the apt dining room chairs for your home.