Be Shelf-ish: Tips to Create a Cozy Home Library

If you have an amazing book collection but a not-so-amazing way of displaying it, then this is for you. A home library doesn’t have to be a whole room, it can even just be a cabinet of books and a chair. If that sounds boring, then use these tips to liven up your library or make it warm and welcoming.


Use Wasted Space

Any space like a hallway or a small flight of stairs can become a library with a little work. You can convert one side of a hallway into a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf or add shelves to an existing seating area.

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Get Creative

If you have a lot of dead space or a whole shelf that’s bare (for now), spread the books out and place some decorative pieces among them. These can be framed photographs, sculptures, figurines, vases, etc.

Add Comfortable Seating

Everyone likes to curl up with a good book but you can’t do that in a library chair. Depending on the space you have, add a sofa, a pouf, a futon or even a cushion on the floor to create a nice private reading nook.

Be Bold

Who says libraries have to be boring? Throw in some colours or even paint your bookcase a different colour to draw the attention of everyone who visits and maybe gets them interested in reading a book, the old fashioned way. If a bright bookshelf is not for you, then add pops of colour with accessories like the cushions or flower pots.

Highlight Your Collections

If you have certain books or series that you cherish, display them in a special way. Maybe give them their own shelf or corner and add some other related items beside them.

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Think Vertical

If you just have one wall you want to change into a bookshelf, go as high as you can. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf actually looks great and to make all the books accessible, add a rolling ladder.

Arrange Well

To make things easier for the readers, you can arrange the books in various ways – alphabetically, by author, by genre or time period. If you want the collection to look good, you can arrange them by size or even by colour.

Library cum Study

If you want (or need) a home office, the library is a great place to add it. Just put in a study table in the right spot (close to plug points, storage, lamps, etc.).

Light it Up

You can add accent lights or display lights to the shelves or add lights to the top of each shelf to make all the titles more legible.