A Whole New Meaning to "Word of Mouth"

“Thank you!”

Don’t you love hearing your clients express gratitude for the services you provide? You know you did a great job. They know you did a great job. Now you just need EVERYONE to know it!

Unless you work in the creative field, you probably don’t have a portfolio to showcase your work. Often, asking satisfied customers to share how your expertise helped solve a problem or reach a goal is the best way to convince potential clients that you can do the same for them. One happy customer can steer dozens more your way. In fact, 90% of customers identify word of mouth as the best, most reliable and trustworthy source about ideas and information on products and services (NOP World). You’re convinced, right? Now you just need to get them to put their praise down on paper.

Not So Fast

A printed testimonial isn’t always the best route. Printed testimonials can be forged and carry an inherent credibility issue.

Remove the Doubt

Videotaped testimonials on your website greatly boost the credibility of the recommendation. Seeing and hearing from a satisfied customer has a much greater impact than just reading about their experience.

Get Your Customers Talking

You might think it’s tough to get your clients to go on camera, but with just a little incentive you’d be surprised at their willingness. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Point out it’s free exposure for their own business.
  • Sweeten the deal with a discount on a future service.
  • Tell them that it won’t take up a lot of time, probably just 30 minutes.
  • Assure them that it’s a professional production. A professional set up will show them in their best light.
  • Provide them with questions they’ll be asked ahead of time. They’ll feel more confident if they’re prepared.
  • Remind them that your only goal is to make them look and sound as good as possible; after all, they’re representing YOU!

Source by Jennifer Seremetis