A Minimalist 2BHK With A Touch Of Luxury!

Why do we use white as a canvas? Is it because it’s a neutral medium luxury that elevates everything that is designed on it? Is it because it evokes a sense of balance and calmness to otherwise overpowering palate colours or textures? This is the philosophy that went behind designing Praveen and Shilpa’s dream home. Luxury

You will see the use of white used extensively to ground the design giving it a quiet sophistication making it a timeless masterpiece. The symphony of colours, textures, accents and patterns rides to the calming beats of white in every room. Let’s see how the team at Design Cafe Praveen and Shilpa’s vision into a reality

Come On In

The foyer area of any home is a sneak peek to what awaits inside! Here, we see intricate wall-art that acts as a connector to the dining. The foyer wall is adorned with custom made wall décor made with 3D tiles in black and rose gold. A perfect way to say welcome home!

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A Living Room As Serene As Snow

The white and brown colour theme of this home, accentuated by pops of rose gold motifs scattered throughout the home, define the contemporary design of Praveen and Shilpa’s home. The texture on the wall complements the natural hue of white marble on the opposite wall. Designer switchboards add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. This uber-modern living room features a minimalist TV unit with top and bottom floating ledge for storage and display. The TV unit is backed by a marble panel, an L shaped leather couch, a 3D panel wall and a simple coffee table. And the focal point of this living room is the false ceiling with recessed lights that keeps the entire room bright and lively!

A Modern Dining Room

The dining area adjoining the kitchen has been designed with the warmth of cove lighting and open ledges that blend in harmoniously into the overall theme. This dining room highlights a six-seater wooden dining table with a leather chair, an asymmetrical wall-mounted crockery unit with glass shutters. It is complemented by a marble wall and a false ceiling built with cove lights.

A Minimalist Kitchen In True Sense

The minimalist modular kitchen in a complete white acrylic finish with a black and white island in the centre is a dream come true for all you passionate cooks out there. The pendant lights above the island in rose gold and the black gloss backdrop enhance the interiors of this kitchen design. It features a combination of wall and base units, tall units and an appliance section to match the storage requirements. Use of profile handles, cove light and LED striplights add a touch of luxury!

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A Stunning Master Bedroom

The focal point of this master bedroom is the back panelling in a jaali pattern coupled with golden art leather that’s been used on the headboard. TV-cum-study unit has been designed specifically to display prized possessions! A king-size bed, full-length sliding door in a white high gloss finish and a beautiful combination of pendant and spotlights make this master bedroom functional and elegant at the same time!

An Elegant Bedroom

This bedroom is relatively smaller compared to the master bedroom but our designers did not compromise on style. Back panelling covered with wooden rafters and a false ceiling design follows the same pattern as the wall. Decorative lighting blends with the overall theme of this space. This bedroom also features a full-length wardrobe with basic shutters in frosted glass. Loft storage in high gloss laminate finish provides ample storage.

If you wish to design your dream home just like this beautiful family residing happily in their own reach out to us!