8 Unique and Creative Ways to Put Up Posters

If you thought posters are only for children’s rooms and hostels, think again. Depending on the kind of poster and how it’s displayed, it can make a room look anything from cool to classy.Posters

Here are some ideas on unique and creative ways to put up posters.

Use it as a bookend

Place framed posters on a shelf like book ends. This way you don’t have to hammer a nail into your wall and your books can stay upright.

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Pant Hangers

Use pant hanger to put up your artwork. This look neat and makes it easy for you to keep changing the posters.

Dedicated Poster Wall

Make a collage of posters on one wall. The posters can be of different size and shapes and have a few other art pieces in the middle.

Big poster, small frames

If you have a large poster, you can cut it up into smaller ones (preferably of the same shape and size) and put them all up close together or a little apart.

Exam Clip Boards

Like the pant hanger idea, using a clip board as a poster frame gives you the freedom to keep changing the poster or picture.

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Colourful Tape

Create a border for the posters with coloured or glitter tape.

Clothes line

Just like hanging up photographs with clips on a clothesline, you can hang up your favourite posters for a modern look.

Thin rope / twine

Here’s another simple and stylish way to put up your favourite artwork. Create a half frame by attaching two wooden sticks to the top and bottom. Then hang it on the wall with a rope or twine.