7 Wall Art Designs You Can’t Stop Staring At

The wall art we choose embodies self-expression.  Its a vibe, a statement, a way to subtly (or boldly) make your most innate thoughts heard and seen. Wall art and graphics resonated with the rebellious spirits of the younger demographic, from what was once considered vandalism has now charmed its way into various homes.

Wall Art

Its various styles are contributing in their own individual way adding flair, drama, or elegance to what otherwise would be a large plain wall.

Typographical Art Prints

These include paintings, wall hangings or posters with quotes, movie dialogues, poems, book excerpts or maybe your favorite song’s lyrics. It’s a great way to personalize your space.

Line Art

Stark black lines on a cream background. Simple to look at, have a gorgeous flow and add minimalistic elegance to a wall. You may choose to buy famous prints or give it a whirl and try to awaken the Van Gogh in you!

Bold abstracts

Bold, bright, and evident. Small or large in size they can’t be ignored. With the combination of various shapes and colors, this type of wall art can complete the look of a room or bring it’s various elements together.

The Earthy Tones

Art pieces will have an equanimous feel. These art pieces have earthy tones of cream, grey, green, beige, brown and sky blue. Another alternative are botanical pictures or paintings.

The Gallery Wall

This is just displaying different kinds of wall art together. They can be photos, paintings, souvenirs, etc. all arranged beautifully on one wall.

Split Wall Art

This one has been around for a while. They are multi-panel prints of fine art or street or even split canvas prints of your favorite photo.

Selecting the right wall art can be the perfect way to revamp your space and reflect your personality. These popular wall trends are expected to be around for a while, so choose any of them and you’ll have yourself an Instagram or Pinterest worthy wall. Speak to experts at Housejoy for more information on trends in interiors and painting