7 Trendy Coffee Table Designs For Your Home

Coffee Table There’s another routine that you instinctively follow at the end of a long day at work — plonk down on your comfy sofa and rest those tired legs on your precious coffee table, it’s the only support system you need. Here are a few quirky and trendy coffee table designs that are current favorites of Millenials.

Coffee Table


A coffee table completes your sofa, it’s a match made in furniture heaven. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, it’s important to understand that the chunky coffee table that catches your eye might not be the best fit for your living area. Choose carefully, it’s a support system that you can’t do without.


After a few DIY videos that went viral on the internet, river tables were on everyone’s wish list. These gorgeous river tables are a bit pricey, however, there are DIY videos that could be useful, if you have the time! Resembling a deep valley gorge with crystal clear water flowing through it, its undoubtedly a statement piece for your living room.

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These chic designs are every nature enthusiasts weakness, it brings a little piece of the outdoors, indoors. The coffee tables are usually made of good quality wood with a hollowed-out centre and that allows you to grow miniature plants or herbs right in the comfort of your living area.


These tables are usually smaller in size, but large, sturdy nesting tables make great coffee tables. They aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they are functional as well. A table within a table, it can double as a chair if need be. A must for smaller homes and a great way to save space.


Putting up your feet at the end of a long day on this beauty is a step closer to nirvana. It’s designed specifically for this ‘feat’. A large table with a soft padded top and hidden storage that’s perfect for stowing away quilts or other dear items.

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Like the mystical dungeons and alleyways that emerge out of nowhere depicted in various Harry Potter Movies, these exquisite tables have pull-out drawers beautifully concealed in the design. Store your trinkets and watch the drawers slink away from view never to be seen again, well, at least until you find the magical lever.

Great space savers and functional, tables aren’t just a dead piece of furniture that you use to ‘keep stuff on’ anymore. They represent your personality and provide a sense of unexplained restfulness. Make your decor and interiors resonate with your thoughts and traits. Consult with Housejoy experts on customizing your interiors.