7 Tips to Design an Ideal, Functional Home Office

Design For your home office, you’ll need a quiet place where there’s not much activity. You’ll also need a place that excites and motivates you. So pick a corner that’s bright and away from distractions. The size depends on your work and your needs.


If you have clients coming in, you’ll need a whole room, but if you just work from home a few hours every day, a quiet nook by a window with a folding table might be enough.

Things you will need

Before you start shopping for furniture, write down what you’ll need for your work. Things like – a photocopying machine, a separate phone line, how many plug points, etc. Then think of the things you’ll need right at your fingertips and buy / design your desk accordingly.

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Make it personal

Since you have the luxury of planning this office as opposed to the cubicle in an actual office, add some personality to it. Place potted plants or art pieces around the room. You can even have a lounging chair and a lampshade to relax on or take a breather between stressful work calls.

Colour to Inspire

This room should make your creative juices flow and make you feel ready to get things done. So don’t stick with boring colours for the walls. Pick a colour that you love and you’d like to be surrounded by.

The right chair and the right view

Invest in a good ergonomic chair and place it in front of something that’s a good break from your computer screen. This can be a window or even a pretty painting. They say it’s good to look away from your screen every few minutes to keep your eyes and mind healthy. So let the view be something interesting.

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Pick a spot that has plenty of natural light. This will help with the eye strain and headaches you probably get in the office. Position your screen so that there’s no glare from the window or overhead light.


Place things near your desk (or around the room) that inspire you. Your favourite books, a framed picture of your family, inspirational quotes or even a map of the places you wish to visit. These things can motivate you and remind you why you’re working.