7 Things A Home Staging Checklist Can not Do That A Professional Home Stager Can

You're savvy. You've stalked all the decorating and home staging websites on the Internet. You've subscribed to some and collected an impressive amount of Home Staging checklists. You are over-the-top ready to stage your own home and get it on the market. You do not need a Professional Home Stager … you have your checkslists!

Not so fast. I'll bet you have collected a ton of recipes too, but without some skills, those recipes will not produce divine cuisine. Home staging checkslists are a wonderful "start" and should be used, but they may not be enough to get you to the finish line. For less than that first sales price reduction, a Professional Home Stager can:

Be objective. Most people "think" that they can be objective, but in fact, very few can. We design and decorate our homes to surround ourselves with things that we love, right? Unfortunately, that does not mean that buyers will also love your beautiful décor. A Professional Home Stager will transform your personal style into a design that will appeal to more buyers.

Showcase your home's positive features. Clever use of design principles can highlight the good and detract from the bad or even the ugly. Negative aspects of a home are often overlooked by buyers when the positive features have been showcased with great staging techniques. Is this deceitful? No … except you're trying to hide something that should have been repaired or replaced. Remember: you are selling your home, not your furnishings. You want the focal points of each room to be those that come with the house, not go with you when you leave.

Recommend color palette. Your home may be professionally decorated and looks gorgeous in person, but it may simply not photograph well. Since most buyers begin their home search online, you want to make sure that the photos of your home make those buyers want to come for a personal visit. Professional Home Stagers will often make color recommendations to assure cohesion through your home to create beautiful photos.

Rearrange your furniture. We all tend to put too much furniture in our rooms, usually in the form of storage pieces or extra seating. Professional Home Stagers know that typically less is more and will insure that your furniture arrangement provides the best traffic flow and balance in the room.

Shop for you. What? A personal shopper ?? Absolutely! Most Professional Home Stagers offer a shopping service. Of course, you can purchase any recommended items yourself, but the beauty of letting a Professional Home Stager shop for you is that they know where to shop and often get trade discounts that you would not ordinarily receive. Even with a shopping service fee, recommended purchases can cost less in the long run. The best part … your investment goes with you to your new home!

Rent accessories to you. Most Professional Home Stagers have an inventory of on-trend accessories that they are happy to rent to you while your home is on the market. If you really love the piece, you might even be able to convince your Home Stager to sell it to you.

Provide support. Selling a home can be stressful. A Professional Home Stager will walk you through what needs to be done, help you find the resources you need, and work with your real estate agent or even help you find one. Professional Home Stagers are proud of the work they do for you and will post links to your listing on their own websites and social media to reach even more potential buyers.

Checklists are a great way to get your home ready to sell, but the hands-on skills of a Professional Home Stager may be just what you need to put the finishing touches on your beautiful property. So, before you go it alone, enlist the expertise of a Professional Home Stager and you just might cause the first bidding war in your neighborhood.

Source by Sue Smith