7 Simple Web Design Guidelines for a Successful Business

If you are designing your own website for the very first time and are not really familiar with the way you should come up with a page that is engaging as well as interesting to viewers, you will greatly benefit from the tips stated below:

1. When designing your website, it is important to first create a rough sketch of how you want the final page to look like. This can be done either by using traditional means like a paper and pencil or through Photoshop or other graphic designing software. This helps you come up with a clear picture that you can adhere to while putting together design elements for your new webpage. A sense of balance can thus be maintained.

2. You should not incorporate colors that are too loud or garish as this has been known to scare away visitors. It is vital that at least a small portion of your webpage has a white background to instill a stable look to your page. If you use too many contrasting hues, the page will just become too distracting to handle for most average viewers. So, it is better to stick to conventional wisdom in this regard and showcase text on a white background.

3. When you sign up with a Google ad sense account and list ads on your webpage, you must refrain from filling a significant portion of the screen with advertisements. Too many advertisements put off website visitors as it makes it difficult for them to forgive so much information at the same time.

4. The pictures that you choose to upload on your page must be completely in keeping with the content of your website. The decision regarding which picture to put up must not be an emotional one and must be taken with due consideration. You must also keep in mind that the size of the images is not so large so as to slow down the loading of the page on computer screens. A page that forms unreasonably slowly is most likely to be closed down by viewers.

5. The fonts that you use to write text on your website should be of a type that is easily readable without having to strain your eyes too much to do so. The size also must be big enough so as to be legitimate to website visitors.

6. You should not create too much clutter on your website building too many menu bars and clickable buttons as this will lend a chaotic and unorganized look to your page. A simple, fuss-free look works best especially if yours is a business website. The kind of website that you create says a lot about the image of your business and leads to the creation of perceptions about your brand. So, you must keep the web design of such a website classic, elegant and risk free.

7. If you are still not satisfies after trying your hand at creating a web page, you should step back and hire a professional to complete the job for you as per your specific inputs.

Source by Trevor M Hall