7 Annoying things Moms do on Social Media

Moms Mothers! In the process of being cool, modern and social media savvy, they sometimes end up infuriating us with embarrassing stuff.  FabAlley has shortlisted some of these cringe-worthy annoying things moms do on social media.


1. Share, share AND Share again

Some Moms have a habit of sharing everything they like. They even share promotional campaigns and competitions in a bid to win a holiday to the Maldives. You ain’t gonna win mum, nobody is! So PLEASE stop sharing it 7 times a day.

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2. They tag you in EVERYTHING.

Sometimes they tag you in random articles or weird news, and sometimes even post a health post on your wall with a caption like, “Omg beta, make sure you are prepared ALL the time because dengue is spreading like crazy!” Jeez, you could’ve just texted me that, mom!

3. Make SILLY mistakes

Moms do silly things like posting their status on someone else’s wall, sharing a common friend’s pic instead of liking it or even tagging the wrong people on pics.

4. Post your EMBARASSING pics

With social media being a hub of pics, mothers tend to share your cringe-worthy childhood pics. Although they mean it in a cute way but that doesn’t stop your friends from teasing you the whole day and bombarding the pic with sarcastic comments. Yikes!

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5. Your friends are suddenly HER friends

They add all your friends to their list. SERIOUSLY!!! All of them!

6. Stalker Mode ON

They are constantly keeping an eye on you thanks to Social Media. No wonder, the first like or comment on your post is your mother’s. “You went to college, right? Then how come you are checked in at Select City Walk?” URGHH!!

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7. TRIES to use slang

The keyword here being TRY. We understand mum that between LOL, FOMO, and TMI, acronyms can be pretty confusing but LOL definitely does not mean lots of love.