5 Signs that Your Furniture Needs to Be Replaced

No matter how long your furniture has served you, there comes a time when you have to say ‘Ta Ta’ to your table and ‘So long’ to your sofa. Here are the obvious (and some not-so-obvious) signs that it’s time to replace your furniture:


Creak Creak

If your chairs, table or even your sofa starts making strange creaking or popping sounds when there’s weight on it, there might be some damage to it. If ignored, these little sounds can one day lead to your chair breaking under you, leaving you with possible aches and definite embarrassment.

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Flat Cushions

The same people have been sitting in the same spot for years, so after a point, the sofa cushions start to sink in. Even though you might have gotten used to these craters, there will come to a point when you might lose lumbar support and start to feel the frame of the sofa when you sit on it. It’s important to make a move before that happens. You can try getting it fixed and filled, but your best bet is to buy a new one.

Worn-Out Fabric

Any furniture that’s been used for a while will have some stains and damage. Regular shampooing and cleaning will help for a while but there will come a point when the fabric looks worn out, faded or frayed.

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Odd Smells

Pets, accidental spills and even sweaty people can leave behind a nasty smell. The fabric of your couch will trap these odours and soon the entire room might have the same smell. Again, shampooing will help but if you think you’re doing it too often, then a newer couch might give you a nice fresh start.

Change of Taste

We don’t mean to sound like Mary Kondo, but if your furniture doesn’t ‘spark joy’ anymore, then maybe your tastes have changed and you need to do some furniture shopping.

You might also want to consider an upgrade for other reasons – like maybe if the size of your family has changed or there’s going to be a bay and your present furniture isn’t safe enough. Whatever your reason (or excuse), replacing furniture is an excellent way to restart and redecorate.