5 Renovation Ideas to Give Your Office a New Look

Deciding to renovate your office is a big decision but one that can benefit everyone. It can create the right work environment, make employees feel valued and also impress customers and clients. If you’re deciding to make small or big changes to your workspace, here are some renovation ideas that can increase productivity and make the office look amazing.



If you’re thinking of making some changes to the office, why not give it a fresh new look? Offices are usually painted white, cream or other neutral colours. These do very little for the imagination and energy levels of the employees. Brighter colours will get people excited and maybe even motivated. If getting the entire office painted a brighter hue seems too much, even just one wall or one cabin might be enough to do the trick.

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Breakout Areas

A breakout space is not necessarily an area for an employee to get a break from work. It can be a space where one or two people go just to be in a more informal setting (away from their usual desk) to focus and get a task done. It can even help get the creative juices flowing. Offer comfortable seating and different colours and textures. A sofa or a bean bag would be great.

Collaborative & Private Working Spaces

Open offices usually have plenty of collaborative working spaces. To allow for more easy collaboration you can replace some chairs with benches so employees can just scoot closer when they need to work on something together. You will still need a few closed workspaces for certain tasks that require privacy like appraisals or even interviews. For this create dedicated spaces or booths away from disturbances.

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Adjustable Workstations

Adjustable and ergonomically-designed workstations make employees happy and can really boost productivity. Create spaces that allow flexibility to the employees so they can work sitting down or standing up or any other way they feel most comfortable.

Go Green

Take steps towards becoming more eco-friendly like making sure all areas have garbage segregation facilities, using recycled paper and furniture, installing motion-sensor lighting, etc. You can maximise the use of natural light and also add some greenery around the office.